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More Backstage Details Regarding Heat on Sammy Guevara Following Chair Throw on Matt Hardy

August 12, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
AEW Dark Sammy Guevara

As previously reported, there is said to be heat on Sammy Guevara after a chair shot spot during his brawl with Matt Hardy that took place last week. Fightful Select released a report with additional details on the spot, which occurred two weeks ago at the TV tapings and aired for last week’s episode.

Apparently, Sammy Guevara throwing the chair was planned. However, it was previously reported that Guevara used the wrong type of chair after he couldn’t find the more traditional folding version. Instead, Guevara allegedly panicked and grabbed a chair that was a lot heavier that he threw at Hardy and busted him open.

Based on the new report from Fightful, the situation was “chaotic” backstage after the mistaken chair throw spot by Guevara. While no one in AEW thought the spot by Guevara was intentional, multiple people backstage apparently thought it was reckless. Additionally, Matt Hardy, who is usually very calm, was said to have been very heated after the incident. Also, he reportedly felt lucky that the spot didn’t result in something worse.

As noted, there was heat on Guevara after the incidents, and he did apologize for what happened. Since the show was taped, the spot apparently could’ve been done a number of different ways, which Guevara apparently didn’t realize.

You can see a video of the brawl that aired last week below: