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Backstage Rumor on WWE Main Roster Superstars Being Upset With Handling of Crisis, Not Being Informed About Positive Test Results

July 2, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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Fightful has an update on the COVID-19 outbreak in WWE. Last week, it was reported that the number of positive test results from WWE talents, staff, and employees was in the “two dozen range” and possibly higher. Per the latest update, several members of the WWE roster reportedly told Fightful they were not informed about the approximate number of tests for COVID-19 in the promotion, including the number of people who actually tested positive.

Apparently, the anonymous wrestlers contacted Fightful to find out more on the recent positive test results, with one of the wrestlers contacting Fightful to ask about the number of positive tests since the outlet would “know better than them,” This is because WWE allegedly isn’t supplying them with that information. Previously, when the first WWE developmental talent tested positive for COVID-19, WWE updated the rest of the roster with an internal memo notifying them of what happened.

Additionally, main roster talent are said to be “upset” about the handling of COVID-19 in WWE. One main roster talent reportedly would’ve preferred it for WWE to hold the COVID-19 testing after the TV tapings. A different main roster member was reportedly concerned about Kayla Braxton. As previously noted, Kayla Braxton recently confirmed her positive COVID-19 diagnosis. It’s her second time she’s contracted the virus after getting it in March and recovering.

The report also notes that “multiple” NXT Superstars needed to get tested again after they had exposure to somebody who tested positive. The results for the NXT Superstars who were retested reportedly came back negative for the virus. Wrestlers also had concern about some small gatherings that took place among the roster after the positive test results turned out to be rather high. It should be noted the number of positive test results are from multiple departments. Despite the outbreak in WWE, some people apparently did not have to report to the Performance Center for testing until last week.

Some NXT and Performance Center talents had then planned to skip this week’s TV tapings after the second COVID-19 test, which were “accelerated by the numerous other tests.” However, WWE officials reportedly urged them to report to TV tapings despite the talents expressing they were not comfortable with this.

After the recent positive tests, WWE is no longer allowing the friends and family members at tapings right now. However, the Fightful report notes that this is a possibility that may happen again in the future.

This latest news also seems to gel with a previous report from WrestlingInc.com, claiming WWE Talent Relations said they are “explicitly forbidden” from discussing their illness or positive COVID-19 results with anyone outside of those they live with that may need to know.

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