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Batista Responds to Former NXT Announcer Joking About 2014 ‘Bluetista’ Run

September 12, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Batista Smackdown 1000

– Batista still isn’t a fan of “Bluetista,” and fired a shot at former NXT announcer Alex Del Barrio over a post he made on Twitter about them. The actor and former WWE star replied to a Twitter user who said he wanted to apologize for “ever booing you at any wrestling events,” accepting the apology. When Del Barrio said he apologized “except for the Blue-tista chant. That was funny,” Batista wasn’t quite as accepting.

The “Bluetista” chants came about when Batista returned in 2014 and reunited with his Evolution stablemates Triple H and Randy Orton against The Shield. His blue ring gear led to the “Bluetista” hashtag trending on Twitter.