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Batista Talks About Fighting Zombies With The Rock and John Cena

May 13, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Army of the Dead

In an interview with Geek Culture, Batista promoted his new movie Army of the Dead and spoke about having John Cena and The Rock on his zombie fighting team. Here are highlights:

On why he is excited for Army of the Dead: “I feel like right now is the perfect movie at the perfect time. I really think it establishes me as a very solid lead. This is a huge opportunity for me and I hope people embrace the film as much as I love it.”

On criticizing his own work: “The first time I watched the film, I always dissect my performance and I go down that rabbit hole where I’m just thinking about all the stuff I regret but then the second time I watch it as a fan and don’t critique myself, my performance, I’ve just liked it more and more and more. So I really hope people love the film. I’m very proud of it, and I hope this opens doors for me, and for people to see me as a well rounded actor.”

On fighting zombies with John Cena and the Rock: “I think they definitely fit right in as part of the crew. I think it’d be like that kind of ragtag group from the original Predator or something like that, I think we all mesh well together. I think it’d be odd for them to be on the other side as an alpha zombie! I just can’t see it! They’re too smart, too witty, they’re too charismatic. It would be a disservice to our film to take talent like that and put them as an alpha zombie type of role when they just have so much to contribute, verbally and visually, as part of that group.”

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