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Becky Lynch Asked Rock About Using His Finisher at SummerSlam, Talks Her Use of Social Media

October 17, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Summerslam Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch busted out the Rock Bottom when she returned at SummerSlam and won the Smackdown Women’s Championship, and she discussed how she got the Rock’s permission to use the move in a recent interview. Lynch spoke with Ryan Satin for his Out of Character show and a couple more highlights from the interview are below (per Wrestling Inc):

On using a uranage to beat Bianca Belair at SummerSlam: “I used a variation of the Rock Bottom before but it’s just easier to just get it and go. I asked The Rock if I could use it and he was very gracious and said I could. I called him, told him how SummerSlam was going to go down and said ‘Here’s what I’m thinking, I’m supposed to hit one move on her [Bianca Belair], can I use this?’ He said ‘Yeah.’ There was more, he is so awesome and so gracious with his time and his advice. To be able to get advice from one of the best like that and somebody who’s so busy like that, it makes you feel very happy.”

On taking time off social media while she was away from the ring: “When I stepped away I just wanted to let everybody forget about me a little bit. Hope that would help the pop when I came back. It’s all for the pop, that’s why we do anything, it’s all for the pop. I hoped that it would help the pop when I came back and also I just don’t like giving away [my personal life]. I don’t like giving away so much of my life on Twitter, on Instagram, that’s not why people watch the show. When I wasn’t the character, when I wasn’t The Man, then I felt like I don’t need to put this out there because what’s the point, it’s not driving a story.”

On not using social media right now: “When I turned into The Man, I was like, let me put all the character stuff [on social media]. It worked, so when I was tweeting, it was always to drive a story and it was kind of to elevate myself as a performer and as a character. Then once you get to the top, you’re kind of, for lack of a better term, punching down. That’s not as fun to watch, nobody wants to see the top guy being an a-**hole to the guy beneath them unless you’re a heel. And then coming back, it’s such a tricky thing because I use it as a way to drive stories but it also really hurt people. You go on social media and it’s such an angry place. I don’t know, I deleted all of those apps off my phone. I don’t know if it’s a healthy place for people to be, and so in a weird way, I don’t want to contribute to it but it’s also my job.”