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Becky Lynch Says She Got In Her Own Way Trying to Make it in WWE, Reveals Favorite Move

July 12, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Becky Lynch Raw 2-11-19

– Becky Lynch was part of an interview along with Alison Brie of GLOW with ESPN promoting their being on the cover of the latest ESPN Magazine. Highlights from Lynch are below:

On her favorite wrestling move: “To be honest with you, I just like forearming people. It’s so simple, and it always gets a good reaction. You can do all these technical, fancy things, but as soon as you throw a forearm or a punch, it’s on!”

On what pushed her to keep to her path despite the challenges she faced: “At 15, I was doing things that I shouldn’t. I was a little stoner teenager, drinking too much. I was an alternative kid, so doing anything mainstream was just not cool enough for me. I was one of those people. But I was a huge wrestling fan. I found out that they were opening a wrestling school about an hour and a half away. I went down there with my baggy pants and my thong hanging out, because I was a big Lita fan, expecting this giant wrestling ring and a bunch of really fit people. And there’s just, like, six blue padded mats on the ground and some skinny teenagers all trying to grow their hair out to look like The Hardy Boyz. I was the only girl.”

On her WWE tryout: “I was so bad, absolutely awful. I deserved to fail because I was completely unathletic, uncoordinated. But there was just something about wrestling … I loved it so much. And I knew I wanted to dedicate everything to it … [I was] the most unathletic. It’s crazy how your formative years shape the person you are. I still think of myself as that little chubby kid that broke the swing while the other kids made fun.”

On Brie’s work in the ring for GLOW: “I can’t imagine how hard it must be to throw yourself into that world like Alison has and take those bumps, because it doesn’t matter what ring you’re in, they all hurt. But if you can go through that, there is something to be said about identifying yourself as a fighter.”

On her self-doubts: “I got in my own way more than anybody else did. I doubted myself, telling myself, ‘You’re not athletic: you’re not pretty enough.’ Somebody told me, ‘WWE isn’t going to want girls like you.’ At the time, they were just hiring models. So I took the focus off what made me special and tried to fit into this mold. And it really just broke me … I ended up spending years in contemplation, leaving this business, not knowing who I was, getting lost. I was a personal trainer, a flight attendant. I went back to college, got my degree. I was a stuntwoman and a bartender in New York and working in health food stores and doing all these random things that I thought might fulfill me in the same way that wrestling did.”

On how she got back into the ring: “I was working as a stuntwoman on Vikings and somebody said, ‘You should go for a WWE tryout.’ And I was like, ‘That ship has sailed.’ I was constantly telling myself reasons that I couldn’t. But I never stopped thinking about it, never stopped wishing that I could go back there. So I tried out.”

On what people fail to appreciate about wrestling: “Things go wrong all the time, so you have to be quick on your feet. If nothing else, wrestling teaches you to adjust, to be open, to be spontaneous, to embrace whatever is happening in the moment. You’re never more present than when you’re in the ring.”

On if she considers herself fearless: “No. I’m scared of everything. [Laughs] Legit, though. Especially when I started training, I was so scared, but you do it anyway, don’t you? You buck up. Even now, I get nerves. But I think that’s important. It means you care. And the more you can push yourself through that, the better and stronger you become.”

On her “The Man” persona: “For me, the top person, the person of the most extraordinary ability, has always been referred to as ‘The Man.’ And until this moment, that person of exceptional ability has always been a man. So when I broke out and started claiming my status as the top dog in WWE, I started referring to myself as ‘The Man.'”

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