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Becky Lynch Planning To ‘Beat The Bejesus’ Out Of Natalya In Canada At Summerslam

July 21, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
SummerSlam Becky Lynch Natalya

In an interview with Marvel Live at the San Diego Comic-Con, Becky Lynch spoke about her upcoming match with Natalya at the Summerslam in Toronto, where she said she plans to “beat the bejesus” out of her. Here are highlights:

On being one of the faces of WWE: “It’s amazing. “I’m constantly striving for perfection. I can always do better, my match can be better, my gear can be better. Just all of the little details. How can I perfect this, and hoping that somewhere along the line that I hit excellence. I think people often say, ‘What is next?’ And that’s it, How do we perfect this? How do we reach perfection? It’s impossible, but we’ll try and figure out a way.”

On her thoughts the moment before she main evented Wrestlemania: “‘I got this, I got this’ That was it, that was the thoughts I had going in there. Cause really it was the…I wanted us to be the main event because the people wanted us to be the main event. I didn’t want it to be a corporate, token ‘women making history, here ya go’. I wanted people to care enough about this match that they wanted to see it last and that after eight hours of professional wrestling that they would still stick around at MetLife Stadium and they did. And to me that was the hard work and then going out it was like, ‘I’ve worked for this, I’ve prepared myself and now I’ve got this. And let me enjoy this. Let me enjoy beating the bejesus out of Ronda Rousey because I’ve talked about it long enough and I’ve already beaten the bejesus out of Charlotte Flair. Lord knows I love it.’ I just wanted to enjoy it because of all the hard work coming up and every old timer and person that come before me they try to say, try to soak it in and I think at the end when I won the two belts I was like, ‘Am I soaking it in enough? Is this soaking it in?’ So at the end I just tried to bask in the glory and it was incredible.”

On fighting Natalya at Summerslam: “I’m going to be facing Natalya in her home country. Now, the first time I met Natalya—we’re talking 14 years ago—in her home country of Canada. It’s full circle now and I’m gonna beat the bejesus out of Canada’s girl in Canada. How do you feel about that, Canada? You good with that? I hope so because that’s what I’m gonna do.”

If you use any quotes, please credit Marvel with an h/t to 411mania.com

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