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Being the Elite Recap: Marko Stunt Gets His Own Mask, Matt Jackson Doesn’t Like the New Merch, Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa High Jinks

October 21, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Being the Elite Marko Stunt Jurassic Express

– The Young Bucks released the latest episode of Being The Elite. You can watch Being The Elite Episode 175 and check out some highlights and notes from this week’s episode below:

* Nick Jackson tries to convince a reluctant Matt Jackson to wear a new Young Bucks shirt. Matt refuses and throws it in a recycling bin. The shirt then magically reappears in Nick’s hand. Matt checks the bin again, which is now empty. Nick says, “Put it on.”

* Angelico and Jack Evans and Private Party get into some shenanigans at an arcade.

* Joey Janela helped a fan’s wife reveal to her husband that she’s expecting.

* Christopher Daniels is getting excited over something he’s checking on his phone. After he’s surprised by Kazarian, it’s shown to be an eBay listing of Incredible Hulk Issue #181 (First appearance of Wolverine) with a 7.5 CGC. Kazarian advises him to pick it up.

* The Librarians Leva Bates and Peter Avalon are in Philadelphia. Avalon wants to steal the Declaration of Independence as redemption, but Leva Bates points out that it’s in Washington, DC. Avalon then talks about selling the Liberty Bell.

* PAC is treated backstage for his cuts sustained in his tag team match last week on Dynamite. PAC tells the cameraman to mind his own business and “piss off.”

* Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy are backstage with the injured Luchasaurus after their tag team tournament loss to the Lucha Bros. Luchasaurus sustained a hamstring injury last week leading to him being pulled from the match. Luchasaurus feels like he let Jurassic Express down and apologizes, giving the group a pep talk. As Marko Stunt is walking away, Luchasaurus calls him over and hands him a mask of his own. He says, “I think it’s time.” Marko Stunt tries it on and now has his own dinosaur mask.

* Chris Jericho is shown backstage at Dynamite watching his promo and getting ready for his title match with Darby Allin. Darby Allin’s entrance to the ring is also shown.

* Next segment on Being The Elite has a backstage promo featuring Brandon Cutler and Sammy Guevara. Guevara makes fun of Cutler slipping off the top rope in a recent match that he lost and then visually demonstrates, asking if he remembers.

* Kenny Omega visits Adam Page in his locker room as Page is preparing to leave and asks to speak with him. Omega encourages him for his conflict with PAC and said no matter what happens, he and the Bucks will be there for Page. It’s a bit of an awkward moment as Page tries to leave and leaving Omega alone with his thoughts.

* Being The Elite is backstage with the Young Bucks again, and Matt Jackson is wearing new Bucks and AEW merch, complete with what I think is an MJF scarf. Mrs. Matt (Matt Jackson’s wife) shows up and then shows off a new Young Bucks beach towel. Nick Jackson is wearing the towel around his waist and imitates Val Venis, saying it’s a great idea for a No. 1 seller. Mrs. Matt then points out that they also have flip-flips. Nick gets excited saying, “We are going to take all of Matt Riddle’s merch money!”

Matt Jackson isn’t a fan of all this merch and asks, “What happened to us?!” He added, “No one in the world, including me, would ever wear a pair of Young Bucks flip flops! It’s ridiculous!” Nick Jackson then snaps his fingers and tells his brother to look down. Matt is now wearing the Bucks flip flops. Matt’s eyes start twitching as his brother is weirdly looking into the camera and showing off the flops. Apparently, Matt is twitching in code “F*** you” to Nick.

* The video checks in with Kenny Omega at a hotel in Mexico ahead of his AAA title match with Fenix in Mexico from last Saturday. Omega then states that while he’s not with the Bucks and other BTE boys at the moment, AEW did send Atlas Security with him. The cameraman then informs Omega that none of the usual Atlas guys are actually here with him for the weekend. Instead, Omega finds out that his security escort for the weekend is Michael Nakazawa and his bottle of baby oil. Omega is none too pleased with the reveal. High jinks ensue with Omega and Nakazawa at the hotel. Nakazawa eats some French toast with some baby oil and uses the oil as a remote for the TV in his hotel room. He finds an aerobics program and takes his shirt off to workout and sprays some more oil over his body.

* After Kenny’s AAA title win, Kenny wants Nakazawa to spray him with some Monster Energy drink. Instead, he uses the bottle of baby oil. Kenny is not happy.