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The Bella Twins Talk Their Return & Training For Evolution

October 18, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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The Bella Twins recently spoke with refinery29.com about their WWE returns, Ronda Rousey, and training to compete again…

The Bellas On WWE Evolution: “[Evolution] represents the barriers that we’ve broken together as women,” Nikki says. “It’s the perfect time to have a comeback.” Brie agrees, adding that they’ve spent their decade-plus career watching these changes gradually unfold: Women in the company have gone from “Divas” to “Superstars,” and “bra and panty” matches have been replaced with “iron woman” events. This is the Bellas’ opportunity to prove just how far the women’s division has come, Brie says.

Nikki On Her Match With Ronda: “I literally feel as if I’m training for the Olympics.” “I need to move differently. I need to work differently.” It makes sense that, as the platform widens for female competitors, the stakes will get higher — and meeting this ever-rising bar is one of the reasons why Nikki decided to come back to the WWE. “I’m ready to give my absolute best performance at Evolution,” she says.

The Bellas On Their Relationship: “I consider myself very lucky that, not only do I have a twin sister, but I get to work with her,” Nikki says. “She supports me the most. She gives me the honest truth.” “She nailed it,” Brie says.