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Best Friends Attack Colt Cabana In Latest Being the Elite (Recap)

August 3, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Being the Elite

The latest edition of Being the Elite is now online and features the Best Friends attacking Colt Cabana at the end of the video. Here is a full recap:

– Matt Jackson is practicing the basics in the ring and mentions how Jim Ross is a fan of what he’s been doing. He wins with the bionic elbow and says this concludes his “50+ seconds for 50+” segment.

– The Young Bucks get stuck in an airport because no flights are going out. Nick notes that it’s his birthday. They decide to travel with some of the crew and Brain Cage. When they stop for food, Cage has around a dozen eggs. He tries the claw game and doesn’t win. Nick adds their bags weren’t on the flight with them and so they’re going to Jacksonville without their stuff. They end up shopping and make it to the city, then have to get tested. Later, they do voiceover work.

– The Bucks run into John Silver and Alex Reynolds of the Dark Order, who are reading the Bible (just a book with ‘Bible’ written on it). Silver says they’re Christian AF. The Bucks talk religion with them, but they don’t really know who they’re talking about, and confuse Cain with the WWE’s Kane and mention an Inferno match. Matt ends up drinking Kool-Aid and the Bucks realize the book is a fake. They tell them that they’re gonna book them in a squash match now. Brodie Lee walks up after the Bucks leave to ask if they have recruited them.

– Matt still isn’t happy with the ratings for the 50+ demo. When Christopher Daniels comes in, Matt realizes that he is 50 and asks him what he likes. He tells Daniels to think of an idea and tell Tony Khan about it. Daniels decides to go with infomercials.

– The Bucks watch the Dark Order compete against Hangman Page and Kenny Omega, then talk with the champions about their win. FTR approach them and try to offer a drink to Omega as a peace offering. The Bucks and Omega say they don’t drink alcohol but FTR have chocolate milk.

– The Dark Order are meeting and when they see Jungle Boy, think he’s Griff Garrison and kick him out. Brodie Lee comes in and asks if they recruited him, and Silver says it was Griff. Brodie Lee says Silver messed up and Grayson agrees. Lee then throws a stack of papers at Silver.

– Matt Hardy approaches the Bucks and they seem angry that he wasn’t around to do bits with. Hardy tells them he wants to be ‘Matthew Hardy’ going forward and wants to be a pillar of the company. The Bucks say they need all of Matt’s personalities and gets ‘Big Money’ Matt as a result, then V1, then Broken Matt.

– Colt Cabana tries to talk with Kenny Omega, but he’s not there. So he lays down on the couch and has Brandon Cutler turn out the lights. Best Friends are looking for Cutler (and have weapons), so he hides. They go in the EVP room where Colt is and attack him, before realizing it wasn’t Cutler.

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