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Best Friends Reveal What It Would Take To Join The Dark Order In Newest Being The Elite (Recap)

September 28, 2020 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Best Friends AEW Revolution Image Credit: AEW

The newest edition of Being the Elite is available, and it features Best Friends pitching a deal to John Silver for them to join The Dark Order, Matt Jackson destroying Brandon Cutler’s hard work, and much more. Here are the highlights:

*Brandon Cutler is trying to hide that he’s working on a Young Bucks and Hangman Page graphic as Tony Schiavone knocks at the door. Matt destroys Tony’s phone and then goes back into the office and is upset about Tony mentioning FTR. Matt then obliterates the laptop while Cutler is on the phone with Page about this incredible video’s he made.

*Matt and Nick are still on the search for their action figures at Walmart.

*Evil Uno wants 5 to cut his long hair since it’s showing up in his underwear. Uno also lets Grayson know that he would’ve caused a DQ had he came to the ring for his match. Uno tells Grayson he has anger issues and reminds him he doesn’t want to do all the paperwork if he kills John Silver. Anna Jay calms Grayson down by dragging him back by his ear as Grayson is scared.

*Speaking Spanglish with Thunder Rosa, Dasha, Ortiz, Jake Hager, and Kip Sabian.

*Matt Hardy is sitting on the floor at the stadium and he talks to Cutler. Hardy wants to know how the Bucks are doing. Hardy wants to help. Cutler realizes they’re sitting in the exact same spot where Hardy fell in his match at All Out. Hardy says he’s doing fine.

*Christopher Daniels hates the year 2020 because he wanted to accomplish more. He hints at not being sure when it may be time for him to walk away from wrestling.

*The Dark Order poke fun at Cody’s theme song while Anna Jay looks less than thrilled in the background. Brodie Lee comes in bitching at Silver, who claims they were singing his song. They try to sing it and Lee calls it decent. Lee wants to know where Alex Reynolds is and Silver makes up something as Lee opens his coat. Silver calls Reynolds and he says he was at fencing camp and that he’s working how to work a sword for his dad’s bris. Lee opens his coat once again and Anna Jay marches off and pushes Grayson.

*We see the AEW production department during their thing at AEW Dynamite.

*Big Swole has a PSA about slow drivers needing to move out of the left lane.

*Eddie Kingston promo class with a bag of Sour Patch Kids.

*Best Friends with Orange Cassidy and they’re trying to make sense of a microwave. Silver arrives and wants to recruit them into the Dark Order. Best Friends huddle and suggest making Silver kill Cutler. Trent says if Silver does it, they’ll join Dark Order. Then they realize Cutler is right in front of them holding the camera and Silver starts punching him in the face. Best Friends pull him away and say it was supposed to be cute or funny. Cutler wakes up with Best Friends asking if he’s good. Trent says they’ll be way better at trying to kill him than Silver was.