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Beyond Wrestling “Vitality” Results 6.24.18 – WALTER vs. Josh Briggs, More

June 24, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Beyond Wrestling

– Beyond Wrestling held their “Vitality” show in Melrose, Massachusetts on Sunday, with WALTER facing Josh Briggs in the main event. The results are below, per PWInsider:

YouTube exclusive bonus match: Cam Zagami (w/ Brian Milonas) vs Thief Ant (w/ Green Ant) for the Chikara Young Lion’s Cup

Last month in Worcester, Green Ant fell to Zagami in an attempt to claim the YLC. Now it’s Thief’s shot. Thief does a good job keeping Cam on his toes with quick pin attempts and hides the trophy to prevent shenanigans from previous Zagami matches from happening again. Sadly, it’s not enough to prevent the low blow that leads Cam to retain. This was on its way to being a good match with some good call backs to prior shows but some late-match sloppiness and slow transitions really made the last few spots suffer and the finish didn’t really click with the crowd.

Winner: Cam Zagami

Main Show

Matt Riddle is out during Rich Palladino’s show introduction. He says he’s disappointed to not be on the show. He says he’s the baddest bro in Beyond. Nick Gage is out to retort. Riddle says he’s not being paid to be here so Gage can have fun in his match.

AR Fox (w/ The Skulk) vs Nick Gage

Fox is hot but Gage is so undeniably over with this crowd. The match is exactly what you’d expect from these two: Fox is showboating and Gage is all business, gutting out AR’s high-flying offense only to get cut off by the Skulk. Gage counters a C4 with a top-rope chokebreaker for the win. Matt Riddle hits the ring immediately to wrap up Gage in the BroLock, causing a huge scuffle in the ring with multiple refs and AR Fox & the Skulk making the save. This match was a good opener and set up a few good timeline of Riddle matches for the next couple of months.

Winner: Nick Gage

Massage Force (VSK & Dorian Graves) vs The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelocetti)

This match can go one of two ways. Both are teams used to working comedy matches but have proven they can go in the ring. Today, we get a little of both. Dasher and Graves exchange the usual pleasantries of sudden massages and sportsmanlike butt pats. VSK and Angelocetti tag in and we get a lot more tandem offense. The massage boys get a near fall on Dasher with an inverted DDT top rope double stomp before it’s time to get the oil. Angelocetti cuts it off and they get a close two with a shoulder tackle/bridging german suplex combo. Massage Force closes it out with a Shatter Machine on Angelocetti. I liked the chemistry with these teams, who got some of the goofy stuff in but settled into a fun sprint of a tag match overall.

Winner: Massage Force

Jordynne Grace & Penelope Ford vs Kimber Lee & Skylar

Grace and Skylar go hard and fast to start, Jordynne almost getting the quick win off a huge Pounce. Kimber and Ford get into an extended test of strength and unload some heavy artillery, dropping each other with stereo big boots. Penelope whiffs a somersault cutter and eats a pedigree from Skylar for the pin. At times this felt like Jordynne vs Skylar and Kimber vs Penelope were just two good singles matches happening at the same time. Very little interaction between the teammates (especially compared to the previous tag match). Overall, I didn’t love this as a tag match but I’m definitely interested to see these as singles contests in the future.

Winners: Kimber Lee & Skylar

Beaver Boys (John Silver & Alex Reynolds) vs American Strong (Rory Gulak & Jay Freddie)

American Strong works over Reynolds until Silver tags in against Freddie, prompting an argument over who is the thiccest boi. A lot of the match is Reynolds taking a beat down and Silver cleaning house on tags, also Gulak saying “AMAZING!” a lot. Suddenly, it clicks for the Beaver Boys and they start hitting American Strong with some heavy tandem offense, finally isolating Freddie and hitting him with a double-cradle driver for the win. This was a good showcase for the in-ring work of American Strong but they still need to figure out what their team stands for to click with the Beyond crowd.

Winner: Beaver Boys

Non-Title Match: Powerbomb TV Independent Wrestling Champion Tracy Williams vs David Starr

A super aggressive Williams attacks Starr during his entrance announcement and we are off to the races. This was intense. They scramble and grapple for position but this devolves into a slugfest, both men refusing to back down. Williams almost finishes it with a top rope ddt to the turnbuckle and a diving ddt. Williams goes in for more but gets a thumb to the eye, allowing Starr to hit a huge lariat and piledriver for the pin. This was an awesome hard-hitting show from both guys. Williams continues an excellent string of matches since winning the Powerbomb TV belt and Starr showed ample evidence to his claim of being the Ace of Beyond Wrestling. Go watch this.

Winner: David Starr


Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) vs Rex Lawless and Mike Verna

This story has been going in Beyond for some time. Lawless and Verna, formerly stabled with Barry in the Amityville Project, are against their former leader and his longtime partner. Overall, a solid match with both teams getting ample licks in. Verna and Lawless almost win with a brutal looking World’s Strongest Slam/Hart Attack combo. Team Tremendous has some trouble getting Lawless up for the move but they finish their opponents with a top rope Dragon Suplex/Electric Chair drop. Huge crowd reaction for Team Tremendous, who advance to performing at Americanrana 18 in July.

Winners: Team Tremendous

Joey Janela (w/ Penelope Ford) vs Bad Bones

Bad Bones is a predator for most of this match, keeping Janela down with super aggressive strikes and slams. Joey catches a slingshot spear attempt with a knee and gets a near fall from a diving elbow. Bones hits a brutal vertical suplex to the apron but Janela makes it back in time for the count and hits a superkick for the pin. Bones looked strong but the crowd didn’t seem super into this contest until Janela made his comeback.

Post-match, Janela announces his match against David Starr will be a barbed wires ropes match and that it would be the LAST death match of Janela’s career.

Winner: Joey Janela

Gentlemen’s Club (Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy) vs Dick Justice & Colt Cabana

Dick Justice’s finger gun has been banned from this match. After a hot start from Taylor and Cabana, Orange and Justice devolve into the longest sequence of slow lazy wrestling I’ve ever seen. Chuck Taylor gets chopped by everyone. Orange almost taps out to his own indifference. Justice is misted. Orange misses misting Cabana. Swamp Monster is out dressed like a doctor to inform Cabana he is being sued by ALL THE DOCTORS IN THE WORLD. Justice delivers the papers and Cabana has been SERVED! In the confusion, Orange runs in and rolls him up for the quick three. This is like The Room for wrestling matches. It’s bad…but kind of hallucinatory levels of amazing. The crowd loved it. I did too. Ow, my brain.

Winners: The Gentlemen’s Club

Team Pazuzu (Chris Dickinson, Jaka, Santana & Ortiz) vs The Dream Team (Stokely Hathaway, Jonathan Gresham, MJF & Thomas Sharpe)

It’s the EVOLVE and Impact tag champs vs Stokely’s dysfunctional stable of wrestlers. This was a chaotic match with 4 tag team specialists holding their own while the Dream Team slowly unraveled…and unravel it did! After a series of miscommunications, MJF and Gresham come to blows and fight to the back. Sharpe was laid out at ringside, leaving Hathaway alone in the ring to get murdered by Pazuzu. A powerbomb, german suplex and high-angle corner cannonball finish him off emphatically. LAX steal Stokely’s shoes after the match. Post-match, Stokely kicks Gresham out of the Dream Team after a MJF low blow. This was wild stuff from the champs but also told a good story of the disintegration of Stokely’s group.

Winners: Team Pazuzu

Main Event: WALTER (w/ Timothy Thatcher) vs Josh Briggs

Josh Briggs has been on social media showing training videos of him taking chops from everyone in the New England Pro Wrestling Academy in preparation for this match. Let’s see how this goes for him. This is a hoss fight right from the start. Briggs gets a few shots in before WALTER lays in a few chops, taking Briggs off his feet. WALTER goes to work, nearly winning on an Earthquake splash and a deeeeeeeo Boston Crab. WALTER tears off Briggs’ shoulder brace and starts chopping away. It’s rare to see Briggs getting so physically dominated like this. Briggs keeps making comebacks, trying to no-sell the chops but is constantly fighting with WALTER’S sheer size, at one point going for a slam and effectively jackhammering himself. Briggs finally eats a powerbomb and taps out to a single leg crab. This was a good hard-hitting fight between two large men that definitely sets up WALTER as a monster for his match against WWE NXT North American Champion Adam Cole at the EVOLVE show later today.

Winner: WALTER

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