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BG Says: FIP All or Nothing

April 19, 2007 | Posted by Brad Garoon
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BG Says: FIP All or Nothing  

All or Nothing

November 10, 2006 – Inverness, Florida

When we last left FIP
The Briscoe Brothers ran through the Black Market and then squashed the Heartbreak Express to win the FIP Tag Team Titles. Bryan Danielson successfully defended his belt against Davey Richards. Roderick Strong defeated Matt Sydal to earn a shot at Danielson’s title in a match that will happen TONIGHT! Also, Sal Rinauro turned his back on Erick Stevens and joined the YRR.

Dave Prazak & Jared David are on commentary here, with Jonathan Gold handling the ringside announcements.

Roderick Strong kicks off the show with some words for FIP Heavyweight Champion Bryan Danielson. Strong has been fighting guys like CM Punk, Samoa Joe, James Gibson and Spanky in FIP since day one and tonight he’s going to win the title. Davey Richards comes out to wish Strong luck and tells him he’s coming for the belt after Strong wins it. Strong agrees to give it to him.

Jerrelle Clark VS. Bino Gambino
Gambino grabs a headlock to start. Clark comes back with a hurricanrana that sends Gambino to the floor. Back in the ring Clark works the arm. Gambingo hits a Mahattan drop and a clothesline for 2. He hits a back elbow for 2. He hits a knee to the gut for 2. He hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. He puts on a seated abdominal stretch and knees Clark down for 2. He hits a vertical suplex for 2. Clark comes back with kicks, culminating with an enziguiri. He tosses Gambino up and down and then hits a back suplex. He hits a handspring moonsault for 2. Gambino hits an enziguiri and a stunner onto his knee for 2. He misses a springboard moonsault and Clark hits the powerdriver for the win at 8:27. Pretty basic opener but Gambino looked good.
Rating: **¼

Pelle Primeau VS. Jack Manley VS. Jake Manning [Elimination Match]
Manley and Manning start as Primeau waits on the apron. Manley hits an armdrag but Manning comes back with a headlock. Manley hits a dropkick and slingshots Manning to the floor. Primeau comes in and hits a hurricanrana. Manley falls to the floor and Manning catches Primeau with a clothesline. Manning and Manley team up to beat Primeau down. Primeau knocks them into each other and dropkicks Manning down. Manning comes back with a spinebuster for 2. Manley hangs Manning on the top rope and Primeau catches him with the stunner and a roll up to eliminate him at 4:30. Manley catches Primeau with a jumping knee and a kneedrop for 2. Primeau gets a roll up for 2. Manley hits a clothesline. Primeau goes for the stunner but Manley blocks it and hits a northern lights bomb for the win at 6:15. Total mess of a match here.
Rating: ½*

Dave Prazak leads DP Associates to the stage. Prazak is offended that Richards assumes that Strong is winning the title tonight so he’s sending Shingo to take him out. Shane Hagadorn grabs the microphone and declares himself the manliest man in FIP. There was a whole lot of “man” in the last match, so it’s a tough call. He challenges anyone in the locker room to try to prove him wrong. Canadian Cougar answers the challenge.

Canadian Cougar VS. Shane Hagadorn
Hagadorn slaps the Cougar to start. The Cougar dropkicks the knee and gets a roll up for 2. He hits a springboard armdrag and Hagadorn bails. The Cougar follows him out with a hurricanrana. Back in the ring Hagadorn puts on a wristlock but the Cougar comes back with armdrags into an armbar. He gets a roll up for 2. Hagadorn blocks a blind charge and stomps the Cougar’s face. He rakes the Cougar’s face against the top rope and hits a back bodydrop for 2. He rams the Cougar hard into the turnbuckle and hits a knee to the gut. He chokes the Cougar with his wrist tape and hits a bodyslam. He climbs the ropes but the Cougar catches him on the way down with a punch to the gut. The Cougar hits a series of forearms but Hagadorn catches him with another back bodydrop. The Cougar hits an enziguiri and a DDT. He hits a knee in the corner but Hagadorn blocks a swinging DDT. He sets the Cougar up top but the Cougar fights him off and hits a springboard bulldog for the win at 6:46. That was probably Hagadorn’s best singles match to date.
Rating: **

After the match Shingo attacks the Cougar. He doesn’t get to do too much damage because Richards runs out and their match begins.

Davey Richards VS. Shingo
This is a rematch from Impact of Honor. They trade holds to start. Richards hits a hiptoss and a pair of armdrags before putting on an armbar. He drops a series of knees on the arm and hits a hurricanrana. Shingo bails and dodges a dive from Richards. He drops Richards face-first on the apron and puts on a chinlock back in the ring. They trade shots and Shingo hits a gutbuster. He hits a DDT for 2. He hits a vertical suplex and puts on the STF. He switches to a crossface but Richards gets to the ropes. Richards hits an enziguiri and Shingo falls to the floor. Richards dives out onto him and rolls him back into the ring. He climbs the ropes and hits a missile dropkick. He kicks Shingo all over and hits a big boot. He hits a northern lights suplex for 2. He blocks a blind charge and hits a swinging armbreaker. He puts on an armbar but Shingo gets to the ropes. Richards stays on the arm but Shingo counters the handspring elbow to the Blood Fall for 2. He hits a pair of clotheslines for 2. Richards gets a sunset flip for 2. Shingo blocks a blind charge but runs into an overhead suplex. Richards hits a hurricanrana and climbs the ropes. He hits a crossbody but Shingo rolls through for 2. Richards hits a DDT and puts on 14:59 for the win at 12:40. This was definitely a step above their first FIP match, with more exciting action and arm work that paid off in the finish.
Rating: ***¼

After the match Danielson attacks Richards but Strong makes the save. Shingo and Richards brawl to the back. Danielson says that if Strong wants his title shot he’ll have to take it right now.

FIP Championship
Bryan Danielson VS. Roderick Strong
Strong chases Danielson around the ring before the bell. Strong looks to dominate with chops but Danielson rams his head into a chair and into the post. In the ring Danielson hits a vertical suplex. Strong hits a backbreaker and puts on the Stronghold. Danielson is about to tap but Hagadorn and Shingo run in and get Danielson disqualified at 1:39. Everyone beats on Strong but he explodes out of the crowd and sends every Associate to the floor. This gets a few points for making Strong look, well, strong.
Rating: ¼*

After the match Prazak taunts Strong for getting cheated out of his title shot. Strong says that since Danielson was about to tap out he’s challenging him to another title match for tonight. Danielson agrees as long as Strong puts his FIP career on the line. Strong accepts the terms, but he wants the match right now. Danielson says no.

”SteveChasyn Rance VS. Rhett TitusAlex Payne
Madison and Payne start. Madison puts Payne on the mat for 2. He rakes the back so Payne slugs him down. Payne hits a big hiptoss and a dropkick. He hits a bodyslam and an armdrag into an armbar. Titus tags in and gets a sunset flip for 2. He puts on a wristlock so Madison tags to Rance. Titus puts a wristlock on Rance and drops a leg on his arm. Payne tags in and tries to work the arm but Rance takes control. Madison tags in and gets bodyslammed for 2. He plays mind games with Madison with the help of the referee so Madison bails. Titus tags in and knuckles up with Madison. The referee gets distracted with Rance so Payne runs in and slugs Madison’s belly. Madison and Titus knuckle up again and Rance tries what Payne did but gets his head kicked up into Madison’s crotch. Titus clotheslines Rance and the YRR regroup on the floor. Rance and Payne tag in and Payne grabs an armbar. Rance sends Payne to the floor where Madison beats him up. Back in the ring Rance gets 2. Madison tags in and hits a bodyslam. He hits an elbowdrop for 2. He puts on a nerve hold and then boots Payne down. Rance tags in and hits a back elbow for 2. He puts on a nerve hold and makes an illegal switch with Madison. Payne gets a backslide for 2. Rance tags in and puts on a front facelock. Madison keeps the referee from seeing Titus make the save and it isn’t allowed. Payne fights off both opponents and tags Titus in front of the referee. Titus cleans house but walks into an enziguiri from Rance. Titus hits his opponents with a double bulldog and tosses Madison to the floor. He slams Rance and tags Payne in. Payne climbs the ropes but gets crotched. Rance brings Payne down with the Sensational Spike for the win at 13:41. They may have goofy hair but Titus and Payne aren’t bad at all. I’m very impressed considering their lack of experience. Rance and Madison were their usual excellent selves here.
Rating: **¾

Kenny King and Sal Rinauro come out to congratulate Rance and Madison on their win and to introduce a new member into the YRR. Before they get a chance to debut this new member Seth Delay and Erick Stevens run out and attack King and Rinauro, leading to a match.

Sal RinauroKenny King VS. Seth DelayErick Stevens
The YRR team stalls to start. The match gets underway with Stevens kicking the middle rope into Sal’s crotch. Actually, that’s a lie because it just leads to more stalling. King and Sal argue who will start with Stevens, and Sal draws the short straw. Stevens chokes Sal on the top rope and then slams him down. He hits a back suplex for 2. Delay tags in and they hit a double hiptoss for 2. Sal goes to the eyes and tags to King. Delay punches King in the corner and gets 2. Stevens tags in and hits a bodyslam. He hits an elbowdrop for 2. Delay tags in and forearms King off of Stevens’s knee for 2. King puts on a headlock and tags to Sal. Delay hits Sal with a back bodydrop for 2. King clotheslines Delay from the apron and Sal hits him with a baseball slide dropkick. Kings beats on Delay on the floor giving Sal 2 back in the ring. Sal hits a vertical suplex for 2. King tags in and hits a springboard legdrop for 2. Delay goes for a crossbody but King counters to a DVD for 2. Sal tags in and hits a second rope vertical suplex for 2. King tags in and hits a bodyslam for 2. He hits a clothesline for 2. Sal tags in and hits a dropkick for 2. Delay hits a neckbreaker out of nowhere and tags to Stevens. The referee was distracted and doesn’t allow it, but just like in the match before he does allow the heel exchange that he also didn’t see. Doing two tag matches in a row just exposes the booking tricks as very obvious. King works over Delay’s neck and tags to Sal. Sal hits a dropkick for 2. King tags in but Sal dodges the double clothesline and tags to Stevens. Stevens cleans house with slams and strikes. He hits an avalanche and the TKO on King. Delay and Stevens toss Sal high into the air and pitch King to the floor. They go for a doomsday maneuver but Daffney runs out and pushes Delay to the floor. Sal uses the distraction to roll Stevens up for the win at 15:51. This suffered from following a tag match with a similar formula. Everyone played their rolls well enough though. After the match King introduces Daffney as the new member of the YRR.
Rating: ***

Tag Team Championship
Mark BriscoeJay Briscoes VS. The Heartbreak Express VS. Black Market [No DQ Elimination Match]
Before the match the Heartbreak Express lament over not knowing where So Cal Val is. They demand that the Black Market release her or be destroyed in the Cage of Pain. Those two teams start brawling with weapons before the Briscoes make their entrance. The Briscoes wait a while in the ring and then hit stereo dives onto all four opponents. The brawl on the floor continues without anything exception happening for a few minutes. Mark hits a standing moonsault on Phil on the floor, so at least there was one neat spot. The action finally gets into the ring where Phil and Sean double-team Machete for 2. Murphy pulls Sean to the floor and the Briscoes eliminate Phil with the springboard Doomsday Device at 4:34. Things get a little more organized now as Machete pairs up with Mark and Murphy goes after Jay. Murphy hits an avalanche on Jay. He and Machete hit a double spinebuster on Jay. Mark pulls Murphy to the floor as Machete hits an elbowdrop on Jay for 2. Mark sends Murphy into the post and hits a clothesline on Machete for 2. He hits a kneedrop for 2. Jay hits a back elbow on Machete for 2. He hits a dropkick for 2. The Briscoes hit the double shoulder tackle for 2. Murphy comes in and cleans house on the Briscoes. He hits an overhead suplex on Mark and an exploder on Jay. Phil and Sean run back out and beat on Machete. That leaves Murphy alone to fall victim to a double uranage. The Briscoes climb the ropes and put Murphy away with a shooting star press/top rope legdrop combo at 9:20. Once the Heartbreak Express left this actually turned into a fun match. The Briscoes shined here.
Rating: **½

After the match Sean opens Machete up with a coat hanger and then chokes him with it. Murphy eventually chases them off with a chair and lets them know that they’re going to die at in the Cage of Pain.

Strong vs Danielson
Danielson kicks the match off with a headlock. Strong comes back with a wristlock but Danielson gets to the ropes. Danielson grabs a wristlock but has to go to the ropes when Strong counters. Danielson puts his back on but gets slapped down and bails. Back in the ring Strong stomps on Danielson’s hand and pulls his tights down as he crawls around the ring. He chases Danielson around the ring but gets stomped back inside. He comes back with an exposed atomic drop and a back bodydrop. Danielson bails again and sits on Milo Beasley’s lap with his rear still exposed. It’s pretty gross but it does prompt him to pull them back up. Back in the ring Danielson puts Strong down with chops to the head. He puts on a crossface but Strong comes back with a hiptoss. He hits a pair of bodyslams on Danielson for 2. He puts on a chinlock but Danielson escapes and hits a knee to the gut. He dumps Strong on the floor where Prazak and Milo get a few shots in. Milo even hits a senton off the apron. Danielson suplexes Strong back into the ring for 2. He hits another knee to the gut and hits a kneedrop for 2. He goes to the eyes and distracts the referee so Milo can choke Strong on the middle rope. He hits another knee to the gut and hits another kneedrop for 2. He hits a bodyslam and climbs the ropes. Strong dodges a diving elbowdrop and rams Danielson into three turnbuckles. He hits a dropkick and a falcon arrow for 2. He climbs the ropes but Prazak cuts him off. Danielson brings Strong down with a superplex for 2. He puts on the crossface chicken wing but Strong gets to the ropes. Strong gets a pair of roll ups for 2. Danielson blocks a sunset flip but not the uranage backbreaker. Strong puts on the Stronghold but lets go when he sees the referee is distracted. Milo gets on the apron and Danielson uses the distraction to get a roll up for 2. He puts the crossface chicken wing back on but Strong fights out and hits the gutbuster. He hits the Sick Kick and slugs Prazak to the floor. He knocks Milo down and hits Danielson with another Sick Kick and a tiger driver before finishing him off with the Stronghold at 16:48. Ladies and gentlemen we have our first FIP title change in FIP ever! The match itself wasn’t on the same level nor was it in the same style as their amazing ROH matches, but all of the pieces fell together to make it feel special, especially down the stretch.
Rating: ***½

After the match all the babyfaces come out to the ring to congratulate Strong. Davey Richards gets on the microphone and reminds Strong that he wants a shot at the title. Strong reiterates that he already said yes but for now he just wants to celebrate. Richards doesn’t want to hear that and asks WHEN he’s going to get the shot. Strong won’t talk about it now so Richards shoves him. That turns into a pull-apart brawl. Richards whines throughout it and walks off frustrated. Strong ends up looking like the bigger man and gets to soak in the cheers to end the show.

The 411BG Says

The show is solid all the way through and then culminates with a very rare title change. The match itself isn’t as amazing as other matches between the two but the emotion from Strong was real and the crowd’s reaction was great. For the title change alone this is a must have, and luckily the show is above average all around. You can pick this up at ROHWrestling.com and FullImpactPro.com.

Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend

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