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Bianca Belair Retains Title at WWE Royal Rumble, Captain Howdy Haunts Alexa Bliss (Pics, Video)

January 28, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE Royal Rumble - Bianca Belair retains Image Credit: BT Sport, WWE

– Alexa Bliss’ veering back over to the dark side was not enough to unseat the E-S-T of WWE. Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair retained her title against Bliss in their title matchup.

Bliss attempted a Sister Abigail, but Bianca Belair countered with the Kiss of Death to pick up the pinfall victory. However, after the match, a video played by Captain Howdy asking Bliss, “Do you feel in charge,” like Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. The video featured footage of Bliss during her darker days when she was allied with Bray Wyatt aka The Fiend. Bliss appeared frightened and troubled by the video. It appears that Bliss is wanting to resist the thrall of Captain Howdy and Wyatt, but the fear is overwhelming her.

The WWE Royal Rumble 2023 event is still ongoing. You can follow along with our live coverage of the show here. You can view some clips and images of Belair vs. Bliss from tonight’s show below: