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Bianca Belair Wants a ‘Do-Over’ On Her Title Reign, Praises Carmella

September 24, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Bianca Belair WWE Smackdown

Bianca Belair had to deal with several forced changes to her programs as Smackdown Women’s Champion, and she discussed the matter in a new interview. Belair, who has a rematch against Becky Lynch in a bid to win back the title she lost at SummerSlam, spoke with Inside the Ropes and discussed how her reign was plagued with mishaps like Bayley’s injury, Sasha Banks being unable to compete at Summerslam and more.

You can check out the full video below, along with some highlights (per Fightful):

On the events of SummerSlam: “SummerSlam for me, it was a complete whirlwind. My whole entire title reign has been a whirlwind. It’s been a blizzard of just a lot of things happening along the way. It’s just so misfortunate. You know with Bayley getting injured and I wanted to face Bayley in an I Quit Match so bad and that didn’t. To happen to recover off of that and then face Carmella. Then, to go to SummerSlam and Sasha Banks not being able to compete and once again, Carmella stepping into the spot, which I have to give a shout out to Carmella because she’s been the person that’s with me [and] we’ve been the glue to hold this thing together. Then all of a sudden now, Becky Lynch coming out at SummerSlam. The whole entire day was a whirlwind, completely out of left field, not expecting it, and for all to just kind of crash and burn in 26 seconds was really tough.”

On where she goes from here: “I feel like my title reign, I kind of want a do-over. I feel like it’s just been a compilation of just a bunch of misfortunate things happening. For me, I think I’ve been able to come out on top of it all by just recovering so quickly and I think my journey — everything has been coming so quickly and I’ve just been capitalizing off of it and rising to the occasion and continue to build my reputation as someone who is always dependable and shows up and shows out and puts on a great show and performs and you know, I’ve built a reputation of being great at what I do, but I think coming out of this, most people will see me getting beat in 26 seconds is ‘Oh no, it’s just the end of her,’ but I think it’s kind of showing how much the fans were behind me and how much I really am the EST, I am not going to give up. The WWE Universe, they keep going. So, I think it’s a great story, great feud with Becky, and you know, I will say when I get my title back is going to be an even bigger moment for me.”

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