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Big E Explains His Love For Becky Lynch’s Mama, Gives Update On His Injury

May 11, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Big E

Big E spent most of his Thursday crushing on Becky Lynch’s mom, now forever known as “The Ma,” in hilarious fashion. He said such things like “I would lay my whole body in the puddle so Mama Lynch could walk across me.” and “I would pay a small fortune for a photoshoot featuring Mama Lynch in a sundress.” So you know he wasn’t really trying to hide it. He recently stopped by Busted Open Radio to explain his sudden infatuation. Keep in mind that it’s Big E, so don’t expect serious answers to many of these questions. Here are highlights:

On why he’s been posting about Lynch’s mom: “Look, if you set eyes on that woman, and you don’t see beauty radiating just pulsing off of your screen, that’s not a me problem. That’s a you problem. Why is that an issue, that I want Mama Lynch looking over my [Twitter] feed on a daily basis? I like how she just at the top just looking down on all that. It’s quite refreshing, honestly. We’ve been tweeting back and forth. [Becky] very clearly approves of me speaking of her mom in this light and us possibly getting together. She even made reference to me possibly being her new stepfather. As long as I don’t…she’s grown now, so I don’t have to pay to raise her. We’ve met before. Trust me, it was a lot more brief than I would have liked. One day I’ll be able to esquire her about town. I don’t know exactly all of her likes and needs and turn ons and turns offs but I’m going to get to the very bottom of all of that.”

On his recovery: “I had a meniscus repair and I think I’ll be back by 2021. That’s my goal. If I give myself a year and a half, I think that sounds about right. You know, you don’t want to rush these things. Maybe even 2022, who knows? Maybe I’ll take some time off. Maybe get some hydraulic knees, because this is my fourth knee surgery. So maybe look into that. Some Go-Go-Gadget legs. I might go bionic, actually. So we might go back to the drawing boards on that. Get some new hardware. So yeah, that’s the plan.”

On Kofi Kingston’s Wrestlemania win: “Of course it was incredible. It was incredible for sure. It was something that I’ll remember for quite some time. It’s interesting. I’ve been at ringside for Dolph cashing in, it was extremely memorable right after Wrestlemania 29, and then also being there ringside for Kofi winning his first World title. So I feel like I’m a bit of a good luck charm at ringside. Granted, I do nothing in the matches. I did nothing against Del Rio, I did nothing against Bryan, but you know, I’m there. I’m still there. I’m present. We’re extremely proud of Kofi and everything he’s done. So yeah man, it was definitely something I’ll never forget. One of the highlights of my career.”

If you use any quotes, please credit Busted Open Radio with an h/t to 411mania.com.

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