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Big E On Kofi Kingston’s WWE Title Match At Money In The Bank, What He’s Thought Of Storyline With Apollo Crews

July 14, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
New Day Big E WWE Smackdown Kofi Kingston

In a recent interview on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Big E discussed Kofi Kingston’s WWE title shot at Money in the Bank, his storyline with Apollo Crews, and much more. You can read Big E’s comments below.

Big E on Kofi Kingston challenging for the WWE title at Money in the Bank without him at ringside: “I mean, the thing is you never know. I’ll be at the show, so there’s a chance I could be. I didn’t think I was gonna be out there at WrestleMania for Kofi and Woods’ match, but I was there briefly at the beginning. You never know. But, assuming I won’t be there, I don’t think it’ll be weird. I feel like I’m there in spirit, even though it is a little bit odd to watch Mondays and see those guys doing their thing without me. It’s deserved, man. Kofi is a guy who has been around so long but has never really rested on his laurels. He deserves that opportunity. Another guy I want to beat the drum for is my man Woods. He’s been truly entertaining and done a ton with UpUpDownDown and G4 and I think has really kind of paved the way in certain ways. It’s inspiring to see so many talents who are inspired by him and his work ethic and his hustle. But he’s not just those things. He’s a great in-ring performer and wrestler.”

On his storyline with Apollo Crews: “Umm, it hasn’t been perfect. I’ll say I think he’s extremely talented. He’s a guy who I have enjoyed seeing him step up. He’s a guy if you’re paying any attention, you always knew, he’s extremely talented, he can do a bunch of things. He’s this weird hybrid who can do it all and has a great look. He’s a guy who I feel like we have great chemistry in the ring and we had never really done much of anything, maybe like a random six-man or a tag, until this past year. He was always a babyface, I’d been a babyface for a long time, so it’s just been rewarding to see him step up and to kill it. He and I have done a good job in-ring. I’m pleased with what we brought to the table.”

On comparing his recent Intercontinental title run to his run in 2013: “Much more, definitely much more, even though this one wasn’t in front of fans. I think the first one, and this is not by any means an indictment of anyone that I wrestled at the time, I think I just wasn’t really ready if I’m being honest. Just as a performer, I wasn’t nearly as comfortable as I am now…..one of the things I remember from that first run is how over Wade was. Wade was super over, and I was pretty tepid as a babyface. I was a big guy as a babyface but I didn’t have much of a character. I remember, I wanna say it was Chicago, but he was really over. I was not. And as a babyface when you go out there and you try to get people behind you but the heel is beloved, man, it sucks. That’s the worst possible scenario going into a match as far as reactions are concerned.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit Out of Character with Ryan Satin with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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