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Big E Talks About The Possibility Of Conor McGregor in WWE, Thinks He’d Be Good For It

July 14, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Conor McGregor EA UFC 3

In an interview with Vibe & Wrestling (via Fightful), Big E spoke about the possibility of Conor McGregor joining the WWE, noting that he wouldn’t have a huge problem with it as he’d help the company. Rumors of McGregor jumping to WWE have been swirling for years, but have picked up again after his recent loss to Dustin Poirier. Big E said:

I assume that Conor will continue to fight in the UFC. As far as his ability to crossover, I will never roll my eyes or be angry at a celebrity or athlete from another sport getting an opportunity in WWE. For one, I realized from day one that this is not my call. I don’t run the company and wasting any time or energy about who is brought in or who is hired, is a waste. If Conor was brought in, how could I ever complain about that? He’s a massive star. He was number one on Forbes for the entire world. He was the most paid athlete in the world. He’s a huge star. He’s a bigger name than I am, that’s quite clear, and a bigger name than pretty much anyone we have. As far as crossover ability, if you ask your neighbor ‘who is this?’ there is a good chance they will know Conor McGregor. I would never have a problem with that. Not everyone would welcome him or feel the same, but he’s extremely entertaining. If he came to WWE, I think he would get a lot of attention and worth the investment for a lot of people. I wouldn’t have a problem with it, am I necessarily going to be beating the drum for him to come over? I’m not necessarily….it wouldn’t bother me. It would probably have a lot of positives. If it’s something he wanted to do, thumbs up. For me, the only stuff that bothers me, it’s not my position to judge him but it’s the legal stuff. I take pride when I look around the locker room, I’m not saying things are perfect, but I want to be in a locker room with people who are good people and obey the law and aren’t getting in trouble. There are things that he’s done that I wish he hadn’t, but, who am I to cast the first stone? If he comes over and represents himself well and carries himself in a way that is respectful, so be it.

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