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Big Show: Christian is The Stiffest Guy in Wrestling

October 7, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Big Show recently spoke with Games Radar, here are the highlights…

On His Love of Gaming: “I do a lot of gaming. The graphics in WWE 2K17 are ridiculous, I’m excited about that. And I play a lot of Destiny. I’m a huge fan. I’ve got all the weapons, seriously. Everything. Gjallarhorns, the Trials of Osiris weapons, everything. And Xavier Woods has smartened me up on these leagues where gamers are playing Street Fighter for a million dollars. They’re selling out arenas watching these kids play. They’ve turned into superheroes via their gameplay.”

Who is The Worst Dressed Member of The Roster?: “Luke Harper. He just wears whatever. And yet he is actually super intelligent, and has the most beautiful little boy you’ve ever seen. You almost look at his kid and go, “who’s your real dad?!” jokes Show. “Nah, I’m giving him a hard time, but he’s a great guy.”

On the Toughest Guys in The ring: “Sheamus [above] and I used to beat the snot out of each other. When we were feuding I would sit on my bus at night and look at all these bruises all over me and be like, “this is supposed to be a work”. Good guy, though. Great attitude. Sheamus doesn’t have a ‘work’ speed, he just hits the piss out of you. So you give it back, or you get beat up.” “Christian is worse,” he continues. “He’s a potato thrower. Every time he punches you, his bony ass couldn’t hit any harder. He is the stiffest guy in wrestling. Ask Jericho, ask Edge, he is the stiffest guy you’ll ever work with in the ring.”

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