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Big Show Says He Tried to Talk Kofi Kingston Out of Joining New Day

May 25, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Big Show

– Big Show spoke on The Steve Austin Show about working with Braun Strowman, his initial impression of the New Day and more. Highlights are below (per WZ):

On trying to talk Kofi Kingston out of being in New Day: “When Kofi told me he was doing that New Day gimmick, I pulled Kofi about four feet to the side right in front of Xavier Woods and Big E and I asked him, ‘So what the hell are you doing?’ I’m not polite about it. I’m direct and blunt to the point. When it comes to business it’s serious. I said, ‘What in the hell are you doing with these two numb nuts?’ I said, ‘Damn Kofi, you’re Intercontinental Champion. You’re on the way to having a run with the big strap. You don’t need to drag yourself down with a couple of NXT idiots right now. You’re really probably gonna hurt yourself. You’re pulling yourself out of that championship run. Holding the Intercontinental Championship is a pretty big deal. You keep in that loop and eventually you’ll get a shot at the big one.’ He goes, ‘Naw, I appreciate it Show; but, we’ve got a good thing going here.’ I said, ‘Alright man. I’m just telling you, running around these two idiots is not gonna help you get over.’ Now fast forward two weeks three weeks, I’m watching the three of them work and I’m watching their chemistry…so they came through the back and I pulled all three of them over and said, ‘Hey remember that conversation we had three weeks ago?’ Kofi is smiling and says, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘Forget every damn thing I said. What you guys got is absolute fricking magic. I love it. Forget every damn thing I said.’”

On working with Braun Strowman: “Braun is so excited to clothesline me and so excited to be in there with me that instead of picking me up to go for the suplex, he clubs me across the back of the neck and shoulder blades. It was like getting hit by a 2×4, which is fine. I can work stiff too. Whatever you want to do, however you want to do it. So I take a shot and I go, ‘Suplex.’ So he picks me up by the head and he kicks me in the stomach. Felt like he kicked my stomach through the back of my kidneys. He was a little stiff; but, that’s OK. I said, ‘Suplex.’ I go to get up again, he clubs me across the back of the neck again. I go, ‘Suplex.’ Kane on the apron goes, ‘He said suplex.’ Finally he kicks me in the stomach again and I thought he dropped one of my damn testicles, he kicked me so hard in the stomach. I sat right up on my knees and you know how I do that chop on the chest? I chopped him right in the twig and berries, hit him right in the d*ck and balls. I said, ‘Suplex, you deaf son of a b*tch.’ Of course he sold it. Then he gets together and goes for the suplex. Then I explained why and he said, ‘I didn’t hear you.’ ‘Everybody in the first fricking five rows and you didn’t hear me? Quit believing your own hype…would you just listen to what we’re doing?’”