Bill Apter Predicts That Enzo and Cass Will Win Tag Titles At Wrestlemania

March 25, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Enzo Amore Big Cass

During yesterday’s episode of Is Wrestling Fixed?, Bill Apter offered his prediction for the RAW Tag Team title match (Enzo & Cass vs Gallows & Anderson vs Cesaro & Sheamus) at Wrestlemania. Here are highlights:

On the rumored Hardys vs Usos match at Wrestlemania: “That would be great because of the momentum of The Hardys right now. Whether they are broken or just The Hardys against The Usos. It would be a classic match. It’s amazing because if you look at matches from The Hardys back on the WWE Network they haven’t really lost a step. The characterizations may have changed but they’re still amazing in the ring. I think if you are looking for the perfect match-up of four guys who really know how to do high flying and real drama in the ring these four would be incredible. Yeah, it’s rumors but I would absolutely love to see that happen.”

On the RAW tag team title match: “The fans want to see Enzo and Cass win these belts. I am a big fan of Cesaro. I think he is absolutely fantastic. I would love to see more of him. I think Cesaro needs to get out of this tag team with Sheamus and go back into singles competition. That’s where he belongs. Gallows and Anderson have reached their peak in the WWE at this point. In terms of popularity? That crowd at WrestleMania 33 are going to want to see Enzo Amore and Big Cass win. I am picking them.”