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Billie Starkz on Her Current Goal With Wrestling

December 4, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
MLW Blood & Thunder Billie Starkz Image Credit: MLW

– During a recent interview with Fightful, 17-year-old wrestler Billie Starkz idscussed her goals working in the indies. SHe stated the following:

“My goal is, right now, I honestly just want to make this into my living once college is done with. I’m so close to that goal. It’s been very, very hard to do because I need to have good merchandise, I need to keep steady bookings, I need to post on social media just so I have this attention on me. So then I can make money from this attention. I’m going to college for business and marketing, so I feel like that will help me with wrestling and it’s also a backup plan ‘cause I don’t know if my body will last forever. There’s always accidents. Like I had an accident about a month ago now. I busted my head open, I had blood everywhere and everyone thought I did it on purpose. I was like, ‘No! I’m not trying to do this.’ “

Billie Starkz is currently scheduled to make her MLW debut next month at Blood & Thunder on January 7, 2023 in Philadelphia.

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