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Bobby Lashley Discusses Status of Lana Storyline, Rusev’s WWE Release, Having The Undertaker Backstage in WWE

May 22, 2020 | Posted by Ashish
Lana Bobby Lashley

In an interview with talkSport, Bobby Lashley said he doesn’t know anything about the status of his storyline with Lana, but did call her an extremely talented person. He also said Rusev will be a superstar wherever he goes, and discussed what it’s been like having The Undertaker backstage in WWE. Highlights are below.

On the status of his storyline with Lana: “I really don’t know anything with Lana, I just know this: whatever anybody says, she is an extremely talented person. No matter where they put her, she’s going to blossom. If it’s staying with me or if it’s doing something else, she’s going to do awesome.”

On WWE releasing Rusev: “And with Rusev, you know how it is in this business, people come and people go. But with Rusev, I don’t think anyone is debating this: Rusev is an incredible talent. I loved working with him, [a] great guy across the board. I don’t know what transpired with that – with him leaving – don’t really know. But if it’s back with the WWE or wherever he goes, he’s going to be a superstar. The guy is a superstar.”

On what it was like learning from The Undertaker backstage: “Man, it was incredible. I was telling someone the other day, I think this is where social media maybe brings us down a little bit, because everybody wants to joke about something. It’s like, ‘oooooo he did this’, or, ‘he did that’ – no. When I wrestled before, when I came back through the curtain, I had somebody like ‘Taker, [Chris] Benoit, Booker T, Big Show – one of those guys that would pull me off to the side and say, ‘hey, good match. However, have you thought about this?’. They would give you some type of pointer because, at the end of the day, we wanted the whole show to be amazing. So that’s what we would always focus on. It was just a very fortunate time for me because I had ‘Taker there and I had JBL, Benoit and all these different people that were always there to say, ‘hey, here’s what you can do better.’”