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Bobby Lashley Reportedly Planned To Be Brock Lesnar’s First WWE Title Challenger

January 2, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Bobby Lashley WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

Brock Lesnar’s first rival in his new WWE Championship reign will be Bobby Lashley, according to a new report. Dave Meltzer reports that as of Saturday night, when Lesnar won the WWE Championship in the main event of Day 1, the plan was to make Lashley the first challenger to Lesnar’s title.

During the match, Lashley got Lesnar in the Hurt Lock and Big E. made the save, while Lashley never got hit with an F5. After the match ended, Lashley was glaring at the new champion.

Lesnar vs. Lashley is a match that has long been discussed as a possibility, with the two being former MMA heavyweights. Lashley has often said that he wanted a match with Lesnar. No word on when the match might take place yet.

Meltzer notes that the plan is still to have Lesnar face Roman Reigns at some point, which will include whatever was planned to take place at Day 1 in the WWE Universal Championship match that was forced to be cancelled after Reigns tested positive for COVID-19.