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Booker T On CM Punk & Eric Bischoff’s Twitter Feud, Punk’s Statement On ‘Old Head Bad Take’ Podcasts

May 15, 2022 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Booker T WWE Hall of Fame 2022 Image Credit: WWE

On a recent edition of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed CM Punk and Eric Bischoff’s recent Twitter feud revolving around Bischoff’s comments on casual wrestling fans, Punk’s statement on old head bad take podcasts, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Booker T on CM Punk and Eric Bischoff’s recent Twitter feud revolving around Bischoff’s comments on casual wrestling fans: “Well, I think Eric Bischoff was just making a comment more than anything, and those are his thoughts about the wrestling business and that wrestling company. For him to be able to say that on a show that people want to hear about, I think it’s open for Eric Bischoff to actually do that. I don’t think Bischoff threw anybody’s name out or anything like that. He was just talking about the growth of that company, and how he thinks from a managerial perspective how they may need to get there, and that’s trying to reach out to everybody. A lot of those people that he’s talking about are kids, which a lot of times AEW pretty much doesn’t cater to a lot of kids. They cater to their core audience and that’s fine.”

On Punk’s statement on old head bad take podcasts: “But for CM Punk to come back on him the way he did, and not just come back on him, that was a blanket statement. That wasn’t just at Eric Bischoff. That was a blanket statement. Personally, I’m about calling people out to their face. If somebody’s got something to say to me, say it in my face, or say it directly to me. Direct that quote to me and we’ll talk about it when we see each other, or I’m always down for a celebrity fight, or anything like that. I’m serious. I’m dead serious right now. If somebody’s got something to say, say it. Don’t try to say it almost like people on Twitter that you can’t see their face and they’re just talking. Say it and say it directly to those people that you’re talking about because I’m 57 and I got a podcast. If you got something to say about my podcasts or me actually having comments about the wrestling business, a business that I’ve been in for over 30 years, that I love a whole lot and that’s given me everything that I have today, we got a problem with that as well because I feel like I have the knowledge, first and foremost, to talk about it more so than most. I’ve reached a very high level in this wrestling business. So, I say to CM Punk, don’t just make a blanket statement like that. If you’ve got something to say to certain individuals with podcasts, say it. Don’t beat around the bush about it. Then, we’ll talk about it or figure out how we can fix it. It’s that simple.”

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