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Booker T on Why Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns For WrestleMania is The Right Call, Why It Should Be the Title Match

February 29, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Roman Reigns Goldberg WrestleMania 36 Image Credit: WWE

On the latest episode of the Hall of Fame, Booker T discussed why he believes Goldberg beating Bray Wyatt was the right call in order to set up WrestleMania 36’s matches. Goldberg beat The Fiend at WWE Super ShowDown to set up Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, while Bray Wyatt moves onto John Cena. Both matches were made official on last night’s WrestleMania.

Booker argued that since someone will need to eventually get the title off of Wyatt, it shouldn’t be Cena and instead it made sense for Goldberg to win, setting up the two matches for the April show. Highlights and video of the clip are below:

On Roman Reigns vs. Goldberg at WrestleMania: “Yeah, I like it. I mean, ‘Old Spear’ vs. ‘Young Spear.’ If they can mix in a little ‘Shakespeare,’ everything will be beautiful. But my thing is this: I like it. And people say ‘What is wrong with him? What is wrong with Book talking about he liked it?’ I liked it. Because my thing was this: how else were we going to get the belt off the Fiend? Who was going to take it off of him? Who else can we believe for a moment, taking it? And we may not even believe this. But who else taking the title off The Fiend would’ve been better than Goldberg? Let’s explore that for a second? … What’s better, Roman conquering The Fiend or Roman conquering Goldberg?”

On why John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt was the wrong choice for a title match: “We can’t let someone like John Cena make that move, as far as beating The Fiend. I’m just saying, me personally, I like this. Because we get the title back on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, perhaps. Roman’s back in the saddle again. There’s so many things [that] can happen if the scenario plays out like that. And that’s why I like this scenario. Goldberg — we know Goldberg isn’t going to be around for a long time. I don’t care if he signed a contract for the next five years, because the old body, time waits for no man. So that’s what the situation is right here. And the thing is, Goldberg has been put in that position many many times throughout his career and he’s capitalized off it and he’s taken advantage of it. And the thing is, Goldberg has kept himself in great shape to go out there and look good. He looks good.”

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