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Booker T Weighs In On Braun Strowman’s ‘Flippy Floppers’ Comment Following Crown Jewel

November 16, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Braun Strowman WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

Braun Strowman reportedly got some heat on himself after taking shots at “flippy flopper” talent following his match at WWE Crown Jewel, and Booker T weighed in on the matter. As noted, Strowman’s comments garnered himself some heat backstage, and on a recent episode of the Hall of Fame podcast the WWE Hall of Famer shared his thoughts on the situation.

“No, that’s just gonna stir up a hornet’s nest,” he said. “And I think I think they went out and did a hell of a job. And they should be applauded, because I’m sure a lot of people thought that match was gonna stink up the house… and they went out there and pulled it off. So giving giving yourself a pat on the back? Hell yeah, man. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out to the ring and you know, come through the curtain and go, ‘Follow that, please! If you can, do it.’ I mean, ask William Regal, he was there, you know what I mean? He saw it, there’s a bunch of them in the locker room when I came in there.”

He continued, “So yeah I get that. But you know, stay away from any heat as far as stirring up a hornet’s nest with these young guys, and what they go out there and do. Because I stir up enough hornet’s nest for everybody.”

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