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Booker T Weighs In on WCW’s Mt. Rushmore, Why Eric Bischoff Shouldn’t Be in the Conversation

August 15, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Booker T WWE Backstage

On a recent episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T weighed in on how would be on the Mt. Rushmore of WCW. Bischoff was shown an art piece by his co-host depicting himself, Goldberg, Sting and Diamond Dallas Page and opined about that group as candidates. He also discussed why he doesn’t believe Eric Bischoff should be in any Mt. Rushmore-style conversation. You can check out highlights and the full video below:

On if Goldberg, DDP, himself, and Sting are the Mt. Rushmore of WCW: “Probably, yeah. I mean, of WCW. It would be different if it was NWA, you know? Back when I used to watch TBS, NWA was on there and then you had guys like Dusty [Rhodes] and that era of guys. But when it comes to WCW, of course Sting would be a guy that’s front and center, I would say. Because Sting was kind of like the franchise of that company for so many years. Then you’ve got a guy like Goldberg, who came in there and just totally flipped the script. Just turned everything upside down.

“And then you’ve got Diamond Dallas Page, who’s a guy who — you know, say what you will about Diamond Dallas Page, but his legacy is measured more than his in-ring prowess. I just feel that way. And then you put me on that list, it’s hard for me to actually put myself on the list. But just to give you a little feedback on it; man, I started at the bottom of that company and I ended at the top of it. I ended the last person standing in that company as the United States Champion. And the World Champion. And it set me up for bigger and better things. But as far as my contributions to WCW, as far as tag team champion, history — you know, me and my brother go down as the longest, most reigning tag team in WCW. Television champion, United States champion, World Heavyweight champion. I don’t know too many people in that company that did more than I did, I wouldn’t say, other than guys like Ric Flair. I give Ric Flair his props, but I don’t know too many guys that gave more than I did for WCW.”

On if Eric Bischoff should be on the WCW Mt. Rushmore: “No. No, he’s not in the conversation. Guys like that, that haven’t put time in the ring wrestling for years, they don’t deserve ever to even be mentioned in the thought of going up on a Mt. Rushmore. That’s just my opinion on that. You might want to create some kind of other Mt. Rushmore for — the thing is like I said, Eric Bischoff did a lot for me. Did a lot for my career. But, I always say that when business and pleasure starts co-mingling with each other, it’s going to be a problem. When Eric Bischoff, I mean — there again, he did a lot for my career. But when Eric Bischoff stopped being the president, stopped being the boss and wanted to start being one of the boys, start wanting to be one of the talent on the show? That’s when everything got clouded. Judgment totally didn’t come into play in certain instances because you got a lot of guys around you that you think that are your friends. In essence, what I’m trying to say is, Eric Bischoff should have never been in position to even be considered to be a part of Mount Rushmore.”

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