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Booker T Praises AEW Full Gear Main Event, Talks Bryan Danielson vs. Hangman Page Feud

November 18, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Booker T WWE Tribute

Booker T was a big fan of how AEW booked Bryan Danielson and Hangman Page’s wins at Full Gear and discussed the start of a feud between them over the World Title. Booker discussed the situation on his Hall of Fame podcast with Brad Gilmore on Tuesday and talked about how a potential babyface vs. babyface feud subverts expectations. (Of course, this is before Danielson went more overly heelish on last night’s AEW Dynamite.)

You can check out highlights from the discussion below, per Wrestling Inc:

On Page and Danielson winning at Full Gear: “It definitely makes you have to look at things totally different now. [Brad Gilmore] said Daniel Bryan won the match and there’s no way in hell Adam Page is going to win that title. You automatically got suckered into the way the storyline has always been written. I must say you bought in and you got thrown off right there so that nugget right there tells me a whole lot about the way things really can be in this business if we really focus on trying to make people, like yourselves, think otherwise. Now you’re never going to think the same ever again going into a finish when you’re watching those guys do their thing, you’re never going to think that.”

On having Danielson and Page feud for the title: “This goes to the realism of the way I’ve always tried to think about the way the business really, really can be. I’ve always thought it was to suspend the imagination of the fan that’s watching it at that moment. Of course, we all know what it is but at that moment I need to feel a certain way when I’m watching a movie, especially if it’s an action movie. If I’m not feeling a certain way when I’m watching that action movie, I’m going to walk out and say ‘Man, that was a bunch of crap.’ I just think with professional wrestling, we have the ability to make the fans feel a certain way but if it’s not done a certain way, it’s just going to become the norm to go out and say this is awesome, this is awesome.

“The artist has the power to make the fans believable this is a sport. I think that’s really, really cool to be able to throw you off to now think that you got two guys that are good guys that are going to work together, that can’t happen. For me, it’s always been a contest and with a contest, it may start out as a contest but if I slap you in the mouth hard enough, you might get ticked off and it turns into a fight. I think that’s the beauty of where the game is today and I really think it can work.”