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Booker T on Being Surprised By CM Punk’s WWE Backstage Appearance, Possibility of Punk Returning to the Ring

November 16, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
CM Punk WWE Backstage

– On the latest Hall of Fame, Booker T discussed CM Punk making his surprise debut on WWE Backstage and how much he knew…which was nothing. Booker recalled how he was caught completely by surprise by the appearance and discussed what could happen with Punk in wrestling from here. Highlights and the video are below:

On Punk’s appearance on the show: “Hey, man, I don’t know what happened, man. I’m serious, man. I didn’t see CM Punk all day, you know. I’m being for real, I didn’t know CM Punk was in the building, I didn’t know anything about this. We come to the last two minutes of the show, and I know we are about ready to go off, and all of a sudden we got this surprise as far as, ‘We’re going to do something new,’ Renee said. I didn’t know what ‘new’ was, because nobody told me what we were gonna do [that was] new…I didn’t know there was a segment planned or anything like that, and then the music played. So I was just genuinely surprised that it was CM Punk. You know, because if I saw CM Punk on the street I thought there might have been some fireworks or something like that. But then he walked in, everything cooled off and I said, ‘He’s at the job,’ you know what I mean? So everything’s cool.’ I said, ‘I knew this was gonna happen,’ but I didn’t know anything.”

On the significance of Punk’s return and a possible in-ring return: “It was cool, man, it was cool. The fans want to see CM Punk, man. The fans want to see CM Punk doing his thing, the fans want to see him back in the business. He’s been away from the business for six long years. And to see him back in that format, is one thing. But I’m sure the people want to see CM Punk put on his boots on and lace them up and get back inside the ring. That’s the end goal, I would expect, for so many fans that love CM Punk. And then for CM Punk to come on that show right there which, you know, Samoa Joe was on. Both of those guys almost like a reunion.”

On CM Punk having a venue to speak honestly about WWE: “And now we’re gonna roll into next week, and people gonna be wondering, ‘What’s gonna happen?’ Especially after what we may see on television over this next week coming into next Tuesday…I don’t know, you know what I mean? I do not know what’s going to happen with CM Punk. Because CM Punk, he’s a wild card. We don’t know what he is going to say. CM Punk could go right off the cuff. He could perhaps want to have a ‘pipebomb moment,’ we have to you know, lock him up and take him off the show or something in restrains. Because that’s the type of guy [he is].”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit The Hall of Fame with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.