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Booker T Is Glad WWE Hasn’t Rushed Bron Breakker To The Main Roster

December 9, 2023 | Posted by Andrew Ravens
WWE NXT Bron Breakker 6-13-23 Image Credit: WWE

On the latest episode of the Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T talked about the run of Bron Breakker in WWE NXT and his potential. You can check out some highlights below:

On Bron Breakker’s progression: “Man, I love the progress of Brain Breakker. And I love Bron Breakker not moving to the main roster too soon. This kid has so much potential, and you don’t want to just ruin it by saying, ‘Oh, he’s ready. Let’s put him in, put him on the main roster, throw him in the deep end and let’s see if he can swim.’ No, I don’t think so. I say you build that kid, you build him, you build him. I just talked about the growth of Roxanne Perez, watching her mature. I’ve actually watched the maturity of Bron Breakker over this last year, how this kid has grown. When I see Bron Breakker, when Brown Breakker comes out, for some reason it has a real feel to it. When he’s in the ring bringing the noise, it feels real. When he delivers, it feels real. So I love the growth of Bron Breakker. As far as him going to the main roster and when do I perceive him actually making it to the main roster? I think it’s going to be within the next year. Let’s just say that. I would hope we will keep him for at least one more year. Let’s just say that. I would hope to keep Bron Breakker in NXT for just one more year.”

On Bron Breakker being ready for the main roster: “Not at all [Breakker peaking in NXT] and like I say, it’s going to be plenty of time for him to go to the main roster. But just to let him grow just a little bit more, prepare just a little bit more for when he does make it to the main roster. Do I think he can handle the main roster right now? Yes I do, I really do. But for me, I would definitely season him just a little bit more.”

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