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Botched! 2.10.18: Roderick Strong Uses Hideo Itami’s Wrong Name, More

February 10, 2018 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Hi, hello & welcome to the column that nobody in the world of professional wrestling wants to be in: Botched! It was a bit of a quiet week in the world of wrestling, especially in comparison to last week’s orgy of live wrestling. We’re still here with the funny stuff to send you into the weekend.

1. Cedric Has A Close Call : Cedric Alexander is finally getting a bit of a push on 205 Live that doesn’t involve Alicia Fox. People seem pretty excited about it. Hopefully it doesn’t get short-circuited when he lands on his head one too many times.

Alxander tried to take a flip bump off a Drew Gulak clothesline delivered while he straddled the top rope. Given the positioning, it’s tough for a bump like that to go well. Cedric was lucky he didn’t actually separate his shoulder.

2. LOL I’ll Pretend You Said 18 : Nia Jax’s match with local competitor Vanessa Floyd was pretty par for the course. Some painful looking offense from Nia, but nothing that would merit inclusion in this column. Which is really good news for WWE. Floyd is a trainee of Michael Elgin that’s been pretty active in the Midwest independent scene of late. The only knock on her I was able to find was one that could have blown up in WWE’s face…the fact that she’s seventeen years old.

Underage individuals getting involved in professional wrestling is certainly nothing new. Paige & the Hardy Boys are some high-profile examples, and Jeff was a “local competitor” on WWF television when he was under eighteen. WWE tries not to use younger wrestlers these days though, as an injury would be really bad for business.

That being said, the weather conditions in Des Moines may have prevented WWE from finding another worker to put Nia over. Fortunately for the company, things seem to have gone off without a hitch.

3. Pause on a Snap Mare: Mickie James was able to use her experience to eek out a victory over Sonya Deville on Raw this week. Sonya seems to take direction well, but occasionally you’ll see a hang-up. Mickie wanted to perform a snap mate. Sonya wasn’t sure about it, but Mickie got it eventually.

Remember when snap mares & hair mares made up the lions’ share of women’s wrestling offense? I can’t say I miss those days.

4. What’s Hideo’s Name? : Roderick Strong made his debut on 205 Live this week and will back for at least one more appearance due to his victory over Hideo Itami in the championship tournament. Of course, this wasn’t the first time Strong & Itami crossed paths. In addition to their time together in NXT, they had in-ring meetings in Ring of Honor & Pro Wrestling NOAH many years ago.

So when you think about it, it’s understandable that Roderick would revert to calling Hideo his original wrestling name.

5. Mandy Forgets Something : I’ve been enjoying these Mixed Match Challenge skits that pop up on the social media. They feel like a better presentation of the characters involved than what we see on television. They also give some of the unestablished characters a chance to work with veterans. Mandy Rose will benefit from working with Goldust in this environment.

No, the botch isn’t the fact that Goldust is old enough to be Mandy’s father. Mandy put her cell phone down to attend to the tripping Goldust, and when she walked off she forgot to take it with her. I do that at least once a day.

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] Have a good weekend!

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