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Botched! 5.27.17: Orton’s Singh Bros. Attack, NXT Tag Team Title Match, More

May 27, 2017 | Posted by Steve Cook
Randy Orton disappointment WWE

Hi, hello & welcome to the column that nobody in wrestling wants to be featured in, Botched! NXT started the week of action with a bang that, frankly, everybody else had a tough time following. Tyler Bate…Pete Dunne…nuff said. Jinder Mahal turned the world upside down the next night, and I’m sure some other stuff happened too, but that’s really all we’re talking about. Jinder appears twice this week, but it’s not his fault! So don’t get mad, Jinder Belinders!

1. Wide Right

I remember seeing a lot of Hideo Itami’s matches from what most people would consider the glory days of Pro Wrestling NOAH. One of the high points of every match was when he would springboard from the apron into the ring, just over his prone opponent’s head, and throw a nice little back kick to the dome. It was totally dickish and wonderful. He tried to pull it out at last Saturday’s Takeover show, but the execution made me wish he’d left the move in NOAH.


Part of the big problem with the move was Bobby Roode sitting up while selling previous blows to the head, which I’d never seen somebody taking the move do before. It was a different set-up than I’d seen before, definitely less visually appealing than the springboard over the ropes from the apron. Hideo will need to go back to the drawing board for this one. Or at least tell his opponent to lay his ass down.

2. Johnny Jumps Too Far

Ladder matches are among the most dangerous matches in wrestling, so you’re darn right the NXT Tag Team Title match with the Authors of Pain & DIY deserved to go on last. All four guys put up a hell of an effort, but you just know in every ladder match that things aren’t going to go perfectly.

About 14 minutes in, Gargano & Ciampa each climb a side of the gigantic ladder to splash the AOP through ladders. Ciampa’s splash goes as well as possible, but Gargano over-shoots his target and lands knees over teakettle with his ladder not offering the proper give. Combine this with his best friend turning on him after the match and it was a rough night for Johnny Wrestling.

3. The Singh Brothers Die For Their Sins

Randy Orton didn’t just have to deal with Jinder Mahal on Sunday. There were these two fellas hanging around ringside interjecting themselves into the match on behalf of Mahal, the Singh Brothers. Don’t ask me why the referee continued to allow it long after a disqualification surely should have been called. Orton did the best he could to alleviate himself of the Singhs’ interference, including nearly killing one of them on a back suplex into the announce table.

In Randy’s defense, he’s been suplexing big boys like Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt & Erick Rowan the last few months. He hasn’t beat up any little guys in awhile, so he overestimated how much force he needed to use there. His reaction of “uh….whoops” was pretty hilarious and the Singh brother didn’t actually die, so this was all in good fun.

4. Wait A Minute…

What wasn’t in good fun was the end of the match. Whether you think Jinder deserves to be Champion or not, there’s a bit of a shadow cast over the result when you see the replay…


Well…”angers” is a strong term. “Peeves” might be more appropriate. It’s tough to feel too much sympathy for Randy Orton with his thirteen world championships and just as many hot assembly line wives. I think he’ll be ok. So will I, and so will everybody else reading this column. Relax. Deep breaths. It’s ok, Steve.


I used to be one of those guys that got all hyped up about entrance sets. The bigger and more elaborate, the better. The more unique, the more memorable. Somewhere along the way I realized that sets really don’t matter all that much outside of supershows like WrestleMania. It was probably when I was still watching UFC & they were making millions each PPV and barely even bothered to have an entranceway for their fighters. Raw & SmackDown really don’t need that fancy a set. I guess it’s good for covering sides of arenas you don’t plan on selling tichets on, but other than that it’s a bunch of lights and screens with no real purpose. We barely notice the videos most of the time…except when there’s a malfunction!

Yeah, there’s like fifteen screens there with Seth Rollins entrance graphics and one of them has part of the AxelMania logo on it. Remember that? This led to people speculating on if Hulk Hogan would be coming back soon…I don’t know how many hoops one has to jump through to get to that conclusion off of a botched entrance graphic, but it’s a thing I saw people doing. People are weird.

A Heck of a Throw!

I’m going to close this week with the opposite of a Botch…

Nice catch, JBL!

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] Have a good weekend!