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Botched!: Becky & Lacey’s Dual Botches, Cody’s Chairshot, Ricochet’s Entrance, More

July 7, 2019 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Hi, hello & welcome to Botched! It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the world of pro wrestling. WWE held a show that wasn’t exactly critically or popularly acclaimed. AEW had a house show that I enjoyed whilst drinking bourbon. A lot of stuff happened, and here’s were we look at the stuff that went wrong.

1. Becky’s springboard

Lacey Evans isn’t ready for the spot WWE is giving her. With that being said, isn’t Becky Lynch more at fault for this sequence?

Becky was the one springboarding too early, then slipping before finally kind of hitting a kick. Lacey might have been in the wrong spot, but Becky could have waited a second or two for her to get there. I just think we’re being too mean to Lacey, is all.

2. Not Ricochet’s best entrance

People are reporting that Ricochet is in line for a big push thanks to Paul Heyman. I’m pretty sure WWE was pushing Ricochet before Heyman got his new gig, but whatevs. He got a big win at Stomping Grounds, taking the United States Championship from Samoa Joe. Good stuff, but his entrance needed a little work.

Not that anybody reading this could actually make this entrance, unless Ricochet is a 411 reader.

3. The Chairshot Heard Around The World

AEW themselves are telling us that this was a botch. Cody Rhodes taking a chair right to his noggin wasn’t supposed to go as poorly as it did. The seat was supposed to break off. It didn’t.

Cody was going to make this look as bad for him as possible, which is how he ended up with a puddle of blood coming out of his head. There was a problem there too…

The chair never came near that spot. People are going to break this clip down like it’s the Zapruder film or something. Maybe an extra-long nail grazed the other side of Cody’s head. Or maybe there was a second chair.

4. Cole spoils the match

WWE’s been running a lot of two out of three falls matches lately. I’m sure it plays well with 1950s NWA fans, and I don’t really hate it. The only issue is that it leads to awkward moments like this one.

When Michael Cole told us the commercial break would come after the second fall, we knew two things:

-The match was going three falls
-The first two falls weren’t going too long

Now that I’m thinking about it I’m not sure whether this is a botch or just something they probably should avoid in the future.

5. Play to the hard camera, Kevin!

These darn WWE heels, man. They want to do evil things and taunt people, but they never want to look at the right camera.

Doesn’t WWE have like 58 cameras on the ring at any given time? Why not use one of those shots instead of insisting on using the same tired shot they always use? I know that would require Kevin Dunn to do something different, but even he probably wants to switch things up once in awhile. Maybe.

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] See you next time!

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