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Botched!: Charlotte’s Moonsault, Kofi’s Boom Drop, AEW Identification, More

September 14, 2019 | Posted by Steve Cook
Charlotte WWE Smackdown

Hi, hello & welcome to Botched! All Elite Wrestling held a show right after the last edition of this column, so you know I have to cover a little bit of All Out. We’ve also got some good Raw & SmackDown fun for ya from Madison Square Garden.

1. AEW needs to identify people better

When you’re a new company like All Elite Wrestling and featuring some performers that not everybody in the world knows, you need to make sure you get their name & their social media handle right. Darby Allin & Jimmy Havoc are already in the same match most of the time, so people are going to need to know which is which.

Getting their names mixed up isn’t going to help.

2. Nick Jackson takes a bad fall

Tag team ladder matches are traditionally dangerous affairs rife with things not quite going right. There were some ugly moments during the Lucha Brothers/Young Bucks ladder match at All Out, but none uglier than when Nick Jackson fell through one of the tables set up outside.

You can see that his feet ended up hitting the ropes on the way down, causing him to take more of a headfirst landing that shot him through the first table and missed the second. Brutal moment there.

3. Charlotte’s moonsault

Charlotte Flair’s very good at most of what she does. One weakness in her game is her ability to backflip off of the top rope onto an opponent laying on the mat.

I mean, if that’s a main weakness you have as a competitor, you’re doing pretty good. But you might want to keep the moonsault on the shelf.

4. Miz & Andrade not quite on the same page

I’m not sure how many times Miz & Andrade have shared the ring together, but I’m guessing it hasn’t happened very often. They definitely didn’t seem very familiar with each other during their match on SmackDown.

At :47 in the above video, you can see Andrade wandering out of the corner until remembering he still needed to be there for another shot from Miz. Then at 1:35 Andrade does a moonsault that Miz avoids and tries to do a cool wheelbarrow spot with, but lumps into the corner instead. He did end up getting the Skull Crushing Finale soon after, so it didn’t hurt things too much.

5. Kofi Boom Drops Randy’s knees

Madison Square Garden played host to a memorable moment featuring Kofi Kingston in 2009, where he put Randy Orton through a table with a Boom Drop off of the bleachers. They attempted to re-create that moment in 2019, but things didn’t go quite as well.

Somehow, they managed to not set up the random production table in the right place. Or Kofi was supposed to somehow climb onto the higher bleacher to his right and decided that wasn’t happening. Either way, it ended up with Kofi Boom Dropping the heck out of Randy’s knees. Orton had knee surgery in 2018, so hopefully everything that was fixed then is still in good working order.

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] See you next time!

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