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Botched!: Close call for Bayley, Metalik’s Rana, Braun Punches A Ref, More

August 30, 2020 | Posted by Steve Cook
Bayley Smackdown

Hi, hello & welcome to Botched! Lots of activity in the WWE Thunderdome to talk about this week, but we’re not including any of the goofy stuff the fans put on their screens to get one over on the E. Don’t get me wrong, I have zero problem with a Fire Velveteen Dream sign or favorite video game characters appearing in the Thunderdome. We gotta draw the line somewhere though, and I’d put “KKK rallies” & “ISIS beheadings” right over that line.

Though now I’m wondering what WWE’s stance would have been on KKK members wearing their bedsheets in attendance. Pretty sure Smoky Mountain had some of that going on. Anywho, let’s get to the reason you’re here…mistakes!

1. Metalik’s attempted rana

We got a reader submission from Jeff concerning last week’s SmackDown:

Cole just said frustration from Lucha House Party from losing the tag titles … They didn’t lose the titles.

Gran really took a nasty bump too.

Go to around 1:20 in the video to see that bump, and yeah that didn’t go well at all. The video cuts off before the frustration, but I do know that the Lucha House Party were quite frustrated and were not tag team champions.

2. Close call for Bayley

This move by Bayley seems to appear often in this column. SummerSlam saw one that nearly ended in disaster for one of our favorite Role Models.

Oddly enough, the way Asuka flies into Bayley’s leg reminds me of the way Dr. Britt Baker DMD’s leg was injured while she was lying in the corner and Nyla Rose was sent into her leg. Fortunately, Bayley avoided the fate that befell AEW’s Role Model.

3. One tough referee

Remember back when it seemed like referees could get knocked over by a mild breeze? Now we’ve got guys calling these matches that can take Braun Strowman punches to the face.

Everybody is bigger, stronger & faster these days.

4. Heath Lee?

Keith Lee looked a bit different during his big Monday Night Raw debut. New ring gear, new lack of facial hair, even new music. NXT followers weren’t really sure how to take it, but perhaps Byron Saxton explained it for us:

It’s actually Keith Lee’s long lost brother, Heath. Now it all makes sense!

5. Some colorful language here, but it’s worth it

Note to Self: If I ever end up on an independent wrestling show and somehow find my way into a match, make sure Nick Gage isn’t on commentary. He does not forgive miscues, especially during entrances. As the headline says, the language is NSFW, unless you’re working from home these days like a lot of people are:

Tremendous. That’s all I gotta say, Gage probably has a few more F bombs to say about it.

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] See you next time!

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