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Botched!: Corbin vs Cameraman Part 2, PCO Dive Fail, More

August 11, 2018 | Posted by Steve Cook
Baron Corbin Bald 1 WWE Raw

Hi, hello & welcome to Botched! It’s been another crazy week in the world of wrestling, and we’ve got some of the biggest miscues coming up for you to enjoy while you kick back & relax.

1. PC Uh Oh : You might remember him as Pierre the Quebecer. Or maybe as Jean-Pierre Lafitte, or just plain ol’ Pierre Ouellet or the Mysterious X. These days he’s known as PCO, and the fifty year old is having himself a nice year on the independent circuit. He appeared at this past weekend’s Beyond Wrestling Americana event & had a slight miscue on a…dive!

You gotta give the guy credit for doing it at fifty, but botches are botches. I don’t make the rules. Big thanks to Daniel for the video above & the GIF in the next one.

2. Iffy Finish

We go back to New Japan, where the G1 Climax is ongoing with lots of great matches & lots of Firing Squad interference. Hiroshi Tanahashi took on Michael Elgin in what the kids call a banger of a match, but the ending was a bit awkward.

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Tanahashi kinda got the rollup I guess, but you hate to end a banger on a down note like that.

3. Baron vs. Cameraman Part 2: Last week on Raw, Baron Corbin had a run-in with a cameraman doing his ring around the ringpost deal. Kevin Dunn liked it so much that they did it again!

I don’t think the cameramen are going to enjoy Corbin running them over every week, though.

4. Nobody made the save, Phillips!: Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch had a successful outing against the Iconics on Tuesday night’s SmackDown Live. No surprise there. Tom Phillips was surprised by something during the match, however.

At the 1:25 mark, Becky hits Peyton Royce with a forearm off the turnbuckle & goes for the cover. Peyton kicks out, but Phillips thinks somebody made the save. Billie Kay was nowhere near the scene at the time, so I’m not sure who would have.

5. Fun With Captions : Reader Brian closes us out this week with some information on closed captioning bloopers!

Hey Steve,

Love the column. I usually watch PPV, Raw, and Smackdown a couple of days delayed, so I can’t usually submit in time. This week I was trying to be conscious of the time–and then your column appeared two days earlier than usual! So I hope you can use this highlight from Raw this week, and perhaps work in the highlight from MITB, and if they can’t make the countdown perhaps you can have a bonus section.

We try to always watch with the captions on at my house. It helps to make up for a loud, noisy family of five, we can continue to watch on mute sometimes, and we figure maybe it helps the kids pick up a little literacy during their copious amounts of screen time.

Of course there are flubs that occur when you try to caption live events, and cutting the person at the keyboard some slack is reasonable. But it does lead sometimes to hilarious results.

This past week, in the first image below, Jonathan Coachman was saying “You have to wonder if she (Alexa Bliss) is concerned about her pick to step in for Mickie James”. Instead of Mickie James, the result is trully LOL worthy. I wonder if this person also captions a news show, and perhaps has some sort of preset for Michael Cohen with his name so frequently in the top stories of the day?

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The second set of images comes from the Men’s Money In The Bank match. For starters, the captioner tagged the wrong person speaking, as it was Michael Cole talking instead of Corey Graves. They indicate the Balor is from Long Island, instead of Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland; and then top it off by writing his name as Tim Balor.

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Most ridiculously, is that all Cole said as Finn Balor emerged was his traditional weekly statement for Finn’s arrival, “Balor Club is here!” Whomever was tagged with recording that has perhaps never watched the program; and even more so, just through the announcers shout out the names of moves when they’re not occurring and no other superstars are on the screen!

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Even guys heavily associated with their signature moves, like Rey Mysterio, were labeled “Master of the 619”, not just called by the name of the moves. And finally, power claw I don’t believe was the moniker of any of the moves belonging to Baron Von Rascke, any member of the Von Erich family, or any other pro wrestler. Best I could find is an amateur wrestler from Cornell, demonstrating the move in a $40 video. Spoiler alert–it’s different than the pro wrestling claws.

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] Have a good weekend!

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