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Botched!: Sasha Banks’ Chairshots, PCO’s Random Dives, More

September 2, 2019 | Posted by Steve Cook
Sasha Banks Raw 8-26-19

Hi, hello & welcome to Botched! As usual, it’s a wild & wooly time in professional wrestling. We’ve seen plenty of episodes of WWE television, which will be joined by AEW television soon enough. We had ROH holding some shows, and a bunch of other stuff happened that didn’t make the cut. But maybe it will later when I see it.

Let’s dive into the good stuff!

1. Sasha gets ahead

We’re all excited to see the Boss back in town. Sasha Banks is making the Raw women’s division take notice of her existence once again, and it’s understandable that she got a little too excited while assaulting Becky Lynch with a steel chair.

You’d like Sasha to steer clear of Becky’s head, as the last thing WWE needs right now is their top female star minus Ronda Rousey on the shelf due to injury. Head injuries especially make for bad press. But I’ll cut Sasha a little slack here…when was the last time she had to hit anybody with a chair?

2. Joe’s going to the semi-finals!

Speaking of things that haven’t been done in awhile, WWE brought back the King of the Ring Tournament for the first time since 2015. Using the same logic I used for our first item, I can understand that the graphics people are pretty rusty with names of rounds.

Or…maybe Ricochet shouldn’t bother showing up for his Quarterfinal match with Samoa Joe?

3. PC Oh No

I don’t really get PCO. You have to give the guy credit because he’s 51 years old, still in tremendous shape and as good in the ring as he ever was. He’s also working the gimmick of being a living zombie/electrified cyborg that malfunctions sometimes and does stuff like this:

I mean…what? Dude just dove onto nothing! I’m sure this was the planned spot, but I’m including it here because it’s just absurd & I think the guy’s going to die in the ring (or on the floor) one of these days.

4. Elias was totally out cold, you guys

24/7 Championship shenanigans are still abound in WWE. As I write this, Drake Maverick is the FIVE-TIME FIVE-TIME FIVE-TIME 24/7 Champion, having taken advantage of a situation where Elias took a STUNNER BY GAWD STUNNER from Kevin Owens. A lot of people were pointing at Drake tripping during his celebration as a botch, but the real botch happened here:

The dude was unstrapping his belt for what was to come, which would have been fine if THEY DIDN’T ZOOM IN ON IT! This kind of thing is where the overproduction of wrestling kills the business. You gotta hide some things to make the show better. Too often, WWE brings things into full view that don’t need to be.

5. Arm Drag!

Speaking of things that need to be hidden that aren’t thanks to overproduction. Everybody reading this column knows that wrestlers call spots in the ring. Some wrestlers have become known for calling spots way too loud, but let’s be honest…the microphones in the ring weren’t a thing back in the day. For all I know, Terry Funk was as loud in the ring as John Cena was. Terry didn’t have a microphone in front of him. If he did, he would probably have been louder, based on what I’ve seen and heard from the guy.

So, Bayley called an arm drag.

It seems like all of these loud called spots happen during Lacey Evans matches. Maybe the lady has poor hearing?

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] See you next time!

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