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Botched!: Tyson’s T-Shirt, Shotzi’s Dive, More

June 7, 2020 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Hi, hello & welcome to Botched! As we head through stranger & more difficult times by the week, I find it’s more important than ever to provide some levity to the good readers of 411mania. First, some e-mails! We’re kicking it old school this week, and I love it.

Great article this week, as usual. Just wanted to point out two embarrassingly funny botches on Dynamite last night that you might want to use for your next Botched article.

-In women’s tag match, Statlander completely misses a spin kick on Britt Baker, by legitimately 1.5-2 feet and Britt (kinda) sells it.
-When Wardlow and MJF were leaving ringside after the Jurassic Express all came out, Wardlow clearly slips/trips and almost falls while trying to climb the stairs onto the entranceway.

Just thought I might help you out with material since both of them were pretty bad and extremely obvious. Thanks for all you guys do.Kyle

Thanks for the heads up. I do remember some bad strikes in that match, missed the Wardlow part though. AEW YouTube was vigilant in cutting these clips out of the videos. We didn’t even see any of Britt’s part of her match, they cut to it after Dr. Baker got injured. Unfortunately the video on YouTube cuts out just before Wardlow makes his way up the steps. That episode of Dynamite had some messy parts, including the dive section where Rey Fenix got hurt. I posted the column just before it and almost wished I hadn’t.

Keep up the great work my friend.

If you go back and watch Brodie Lee during his promo last night on AEW he was speaking to 10 but he didn’t realize he was on his other side, lol.Jeffery

I was able to find this promo, so let’s take a look!

He sure made a circle around to find him at 1:30, didn’t he? I wonder if that’s something Vince McMahon does when he talks to people, since most of Mr. Brodie’s other mannerisms are based off of Vince.

Thanks for reading, everybody stay safe out there. Here’s this week’s entertainment.

1. Jimmy Havoc has no plan

Anybody know what Jimmy was trying to do here? I don’t think this was it:

Loved the Double or Nothing suit, though. Guy can clean up for the big occasions.

2. Shotzi takes a bad shot

I’m a big Shotzi Blackheart fan. She’s good in the ring, has a unique look and seems like good people. I don’t know her, but I always assume that women I find attractive are good people. Anyway, I’d like to see Shotzi wrestle for a long time, so if she’s going to incorporate Aerostar dives into her offense I’d like for her fellow wrestlers to catch her.

I do not need to see Shotzi in a wheelchair, ladies. Keep her safe.

3. Your t-shirts are too tight, Billy!

Remember when Lex Luger yelled that at Billy Firehawk, the owner of NWA Cyberspace? No? Just me? All right then. That’s the quote that popped into my head when Mike Tyson tried to rip his AEW t-shirt off during Dynamite.

PWTees used the opportunity to plug how sturdy their product was, so that worked out well for them.

4. Alexa Breaks

We wouldn’t have known this was a botch unless Alexa Bliss told us so. You gotta give her points for honesty, right?

5. Please stop booking Kairi against Nia

I don’t know what it is about WWE where they like putting people that have previously been injured in dangerous situations. How many returning wrestlers have been thrown into ladder matches? How many women with histories of concussions have been fed to Nia Jax multiple times?

It doesn’t look like Kairi had her footing, but it also looks like Nia didn’t give her the chance to get her footing. We all know WWE won’t blame Nia for this, so all I ask is that they book Kairi against anybody else in the future.

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] See you next time!

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