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Botched!: Viking Raiders Logo Needs Work, Fenix Lawn Darts Himself, More

May 4, 2019 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Hi, hello & welcome to Botched! It’s been a wild & crazy week in the world of professional wrestling. Impact Wrestling held a PPV event, while Raw & SmackDown played to some of their lowest audience numbers in recent memory. Things still happened, though. Some were good, some…not so much.

1. Fenix almost dies

Sometimes I watch these clips on Twitter, YouTube or wherever and wonder how people are still alive. For example, I have no idea how Fenix isn’t dead after this bump he took on Sunday night.

Like, how? Dude ended up lawn-darting himself off the top of a ladder. There is no way he should be alive. If he’s alive, there’s no way he should have the usage of his arms & legs. Insane.

2. Viking Raiders logo needs some work

There seems to be something missing from the Viking Raiders’ logo…

Honestly, they’re probably just going to change the name again in a couple of weeks, so they might as well not put too much effort into it.

3. Mack Down!

Sarah Schrieber recently made the jump up from NXT to SmackDown Live. One could forgive her for not quite remembering the show name just yet.

Just think…if Rodney Mack had become a bigger star, they could have changed the show from SmackDown to MackDown.

4. Quite a chop from Piper Nevin

WWE Network has had plenty of original content lately thanks to these When Worlds Collide shows that took place on WrestleMania weekend. Something tells me that these shows didn’t exactly get the A production team.

Piper Nevin chops Reina Gonzalez. Less than a second later, Piper is on the mat getting beat down by Reina. Either Reina is a no-selling A-hole or the editing needed a little more work before making air.

5. Ceilings: An Indy Wrestler’s Worst Enemy

It’s one of the longest-running feuds in the history of pro wrestling. Wrestlers on the top rope vs. the ceiling of a venue. People in bigger promotions typically don’t need to worry about it. I can’t remember any WWE event where the ceiling kept wrestlers from ascending the turnbuckles & doing whatever.

Mark Sterling is not in WWE.

He was wrestling Colt Cabana, though. Fill in your own joke about Colt & ceilings.

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] Have a nice weekend!

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