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Brandi Rhodes On Her Decision To Step Away From Wrestling, Cody’s Return From Injury

January 31, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Brandi Rhodes Road to All Out 6-2 Image Credit: AEW

Brandi Rhodes has been away from wrestling since she exited AEW, and she recently opened up about the decision as well as Cody’s return from injury. Brandi spoke with The Bare Magazine for a new interview and you can see a couple of wrestling-related excerpts below:

On how she’s feeling about deciding to step back from wrestling: “It has been about a year. I feel very good about the decision. There was a lot about my position in the industry that took a lot of the joy out of it for me. Life is too short to be fighting so hard and still left feeling unfulfilled. Especially with everything that I have to offer still mentally and physically. I’d like to experience joy in my contributions at this point.”

On Cody’s return from injury: “I’m very excited for my husband. He has put in so much work in his recovery and has been diligent in returning in his best form. I believe he is at the top of his game and fans will see and appreciate that.”