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Brandi Rhodes On Getting Emotional During Cody Receiving His Lashes From MJF, How Often She & Cody Talk AEW at Home

February 22, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Brandi Rhodes Cody AEW Dynamite

Speaking with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive on Wrestling Observer Live, Brandi Rhodes discussed her reaction to the AEW Dynamite segment where Cody took ten lashes from MJF. The segment was one of the most heavily talked-about segments of the past few weeks and saw several people including Brandi come down to the ring to lend support for Cody. Highlights from the discussion are below:

On whether it was intentional to sync up her therapy videos with when the lashes segment took place: “You know, Cody is another level of genius as far as things that — I mean, there are things that he can do that no one else can do. Not unlike his father, there are some just moments that only Dusty could have been the catalyst for. And you know, it’s funny. I think a lot of people think that in our house, there’s a lot more talk about AEW on a show standpoint than there is. I mean, just the other day my husband got so mad at me for saying the name of one of our PR executives so many times. Because that is so much what’s on my brain when I talk to him, because I want answers for all of these other things. [laughs] So in that sense, a lot of times I don’t know what he’s thinking, I don’t know what he’s doing.”

On her emotions during the segment: “Moments that he and I have like that are very real. I’m not somebody who can cry on command or anything like that. So whenever I’m crying — I’m also a really, really hard person. Like, I don’t cry a lot in normal life. I can count on my hand how many times I remember crying. So it’s very emotional and real when I am crying, and you know, that segment — it hurt me, because it hurts me to see my husband go through that. I’ve never been hit with a belt like that, and I don’t know what it feels like. But I can hear the noise, the one that — I wasn’t even looking when the ninth lash hit him in the back [from Wardlow], but I heard it. And I remember, I shivered when I heard it. And it just started tears in my eyes, because I knew that that had to be the most terrible thing to endure.

“And I came down to him at the ring, and the things that I said to him, I meant. If I could have taken the last one, I would have. I would have taken it, and then I would have jumped up and scratched that man’s eyes out. [laughs] Because it would have hurt so bad, that I just would have reacted and absolutely attacked somebody. But yeah, moments like that you can’t recreate because they’re real. He and I have a real natural emotional bond with each other. We’ve been through so much together in the past eight years here and everything’s just very real, and very emotional.”