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Brandi Rhodes Would Return To the Ring For A Mixed Tag Match With Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

September 27, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Brandi Rhodes Cody AEW Fyter Fest Image Credit: AEW

Brandi Rhodes has one match that she would come out of retirement for, and it involves Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Rhodes hasn’t competed since she left AEW, and she noted in an interview with Ring the Belle that her dream match would be a mixed tag where she was opposite the ring from the WWE power couple.

“Stephanie and Triple H,” she said (per Fightful). “I would come out of retirement for that in a heartbeat. I would do that 72 years old. Y’all would have to sit through that and just let it happen.”

She continued, “I know it wouldn’t be great, but just let it happen if it does because I mean, the chances of it happening are very, very slim. If that was on the table, you’d have grandma in the gym. I’d be doing everything I possibly could, like I’d be getting into full lotus and my yoga studio just to stretch Stephanie a little bit.”