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Bray Wyatt Comments on Dijak’s NXT Vengeance Day Injury With Broken Finger Pic

February 5, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Smackdown Bray Wyatt Image Credit: WWE

Bray Wyatt is feeling some solidarity with Dijak following the latter’s NXT Vengeance Day injury, posting a pic of his own broken finger from December online. As noted last night, Dijak suffered a dislocated finger during his NXT North American Championship match with Wes Lee.

Wyatt responded to a pic that Dijak posted of the injury with a photo of his own broken finger from late December when he broke it in a WWE Holiday Tour match with Jinder Mahal, as you can see below.

Wyatt, now recovered from the injury, made his return to the ring with a win over LA Knight in their Pitch Black match at the Royal Rumble.