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Break It Down: PWG One Hundred

September 2, 2009 | Posted by Ryan Rozanski
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Break It Down: PWG One Hundred  

One Hundred on April 12th, 2009.

Opening Match: PWG World Tag Team Titles: Matt and Nick Jackson © vs. Brandon and Dustin Cutler
Brandon and Matt have a shoulder block battle. Nick uses his agility to catch Dustin with a springboard hurricanrana and follows with a headscissors on the floor. The Young Bucks use some double team moves but the Cutlers show that they have some as well. The Cutlers isolate Nick. Cool spot as Nick turns the Cutler’s workout choking device around on them. After a headscissors-armdrag combination, Nick makes the tag. Matt hits a standing sliced bread #2 on Brandon followed by a top rope hurricanrana from Nick and an elbow drop from Matt. Nick sends Dustin to the floor and lands a sky twister press. Brandon hits a lungblower on Matt for a two count. Dustin hits a splash mountain on Nick but Matt hits a facebuster on Brandon shortly after. All four men are down. The Young Bucks catch the Cutlers with superkicks and hit a double More Bang For Your Buck to retain their titles at 10:11. This is exactly what an opener should be. Not overly long but still packing a ton of action. It’s clear to see that these two teams are very familiar with each other as they showed great chemistry. This is the best I’ve seen from the Cutlers thus far in PWG. ***¼

Match #2: Scott Lost vs. Roderick Strong
Lost attacks before the bell with a kick. Strong sends Lost to the outside and follows with a running elbow from the apron. Lost comes back with a baseball slide around the ringpost. Back in, Lost misses the Superman Spear and Strong hits a leg lariat along with a backbreaker. Lost answers with his nice corner double stomp. The action goes back to the outside where Strong blocks a Superman Spear with a kick. Lost recovers before Strong and lands the Superman Spear. Back in, Lost takes control until Strong hits an enzuigiri and a backbreaker. Lost connects with a spin kick and a flying elbow drop for a two count. He locks in a sharpshooter but Strong makes the ropes. Strong avoids a kick and synchs in the Stronghold. He follows with a gutbuster and another Stronghold. The action goes to the outside where Lost hits an ace crusher. Strong barely makes the count but once he does, he finds himself in a sharpshooter. He escapes and Lost walks into a yakuza kick to give Strong the victory at 12:45. Pretty good exhibition that was just missing a few things. There really wasn’t much excitement down the finishing stretch because the submissions weren’t built to at all and the actual finish came out of nowhere. However, there was some nice back and forth present to make this a decent exhibition. **½

Match #3: Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega
Danielson goes right to work on Omega’s left arm. In response, Omega takes the arm pad off of his right arm and puts it on his left arm. After some more offense, Omega takes a knee pad and puts it on his left arm. Danielson tries some armbreakers but they have no effect. They wrestle to a standoff and Omega is proud of himself. Danielson takes off Omega’s knee pad and stomps on his arm again. Danielson locks in the surfboard and turns it into a dragon sleeper. Omega offers a test of strength so Danielson counter offers with an arm wrestling contest, which Danielson wins. Omega ties things up by winning a thumb wrestling contest. An actual test of strength takes place, which leads to some cool sequences. They both go into headstand positions and have a slap battle. Omega gets on the microphone and challenges Danielson to a rope running contest. Omega stops Danielson, but is too weak to hit the enzuigiri. Danielson tells Omega that his real name is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. Omega says that his name is the same, and everyone starts singing. Danielson and Omega start dancing together in the ring which Omega turns into a backslide. Danielson gets caught with a spin kick and Omega lands a springboard moonsault to the outside. Back in, Danielson connects with a dropkick and follows with a dive of his own to the outside. Back in, Danielson hits a missile dropkick. Omega answers with an enzuigiri and a Kotaro Krusher. Omega hits the Hadouken followed by a dragon suplex for a two count. Danielson turns a Croyt’s Wrath attempt into a german suplex and makes Omega tap to a triangle choke for the win at 22:47. There’s no denying that this was awesome, I just don’t know what to make of it. The cool thing was that there was a story that led to the comedy. Danielson worked over Omega’s arm bad enough that Omega realized he couldn’t beat Danielson in a wrestling match. As a result, Omega tried things like fooling Danielson into the enzuigiri and the backslide to try to beat him. The comedy worked and they finished strong. That’s my attempt to make sense of this match. ***½

Match #4: Paul London vs. Joey Ryan
London catches Ryan with a dropkick and hits him with a chocolate Easter Bunny. London lands a series of hurricanranas. Ryan stops a dive with a spear and takes control. London dodges another spear and lands a tope to the outside. He follows with an almost blockbuster from the apron. Ryan uses a chair but London answers with a beer pitcher. London throws Ryan into some chairs and dropkicks him. Ryan spears London off of the ring apron and works over his midsection. London tries a comeback but slips on a springboard. He recovers with a spin kick and a dropkick. Ryan catches London up top for an exploder suplex. London avoids a Mustache Ride but Ryan gets his knees up on a shooting star press. Ryan hits a Twist of Fate for a one count. London hulks up and lands a shooting star press, but Scott Lost drags the referee out of the ring. London lands a corkscrew to the outside onto Lost. This distraction allows Ryan to get in a chair shot for the victory at 17:27. London has been showing some ring rust thus far in PWG. It showed more here, as this wasn’t a six man tag team match. The match was fine, although I think they can do better in an eventual rematch. I don’t really love the finish either but at least it’s some form of storyline advancement. **

Match #5: B-Boy, Candice LeRae, and Scorpio Sky vs. Austin Aries, Chuck Taylor, and Human Tornado
Funny spot during the introductions as Aries steals the microphone from John Ian to announce that LeRae is 245 pounds. Tornado pimp slaps B-Boy, who answers with a much stronger one. Taylor and Sky trade rollups and have a standoff. LeRae gets in a few shots on Aries and reveals to the world that Aries does indeed stuff his trunks. Taylor tags in and uses a grenade on LeRae that nearly levels the building. The heels take turns hitting shuffling kicks in the corner. LeRae finally makes the tag. Sky connects with some kicks on Tornado. Taylor hits Sole Food on B-Boy. Aries goes to kiss LeRae but accidentally kisses Taylor. In disgust, Aries punches Taylor. This allows LeRae to hit the Ballsplex on Aries. Sky follows with a top rope hurricanrana followed by a moonsault by LeRae. Cool spot as Taylor goes for a baseball slide but Sky lowers the bottom rope so it crotches him. Tornado lands a dive to the outside. Aries stops LeRae from doing the same and hits a brainbuster to give his team the win at 13:28. Just another comical multi-man match that PWG is known for. As usual, the comedy was on point and this was a lot of fun to watch. Not much more to it. ***

Match #6: Tyler Black vs. Davey Richards
Black gets the better of Richards early on. Richards spits in Black’s face to get him frustrated and finds an opening with a kick. He goes to work on Black’s midsection and Omega rationalizes on commentary that it’s to stop Black from breathing in such a hot venue. Black clotheslines Richards to the outside and follows out with a dive. Back in, Black hits a neckbreaker and a standing shooting star press. Richards catches him with a dropkick and a german suplex. He locks in a texas cloverleaf. They trade strikes, which Black wins by hitting a pele kick. Black lands Paroxysm, a superkick, and finally the bucklebomb. Richards comes back with a dragon screw leg whip followed by another texas cloverleaf. Richards gains leverage on a small package and pins Black for the victory at 12:55. There’s no doubt that these two work well together. The finishing stretch was quite the sprint with some great exchanges. These two would go on to have an even better match later in the month on a Ring of Honor show. ***¼

Match #7: Sonjay Dutt vs. El Generico
Dutt attacks during the handshake. Generico lands some armdrags and fakes a dive. Richards and Danielson are on commentary and they are absolutely hilarious. Generico hits a leg lariat and a backbreaker. Dutt crotches Generico and really heels it up. Dutt locks in a sleeper hold and commentary flips out, calling for the end of the match. Generico fires back with a flying crossbody and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Dutt goes to the outside and Generico follows out with a dive. Back in, Generico hits a splash. Dutt answers with some leg drops and a tornado DDT. Generico hits a michinoku driver but Dutt responds with a sunset flip powerbomb. Dutt kind of misses a moonsault and gets caught with a half-nelson suplex. Generico follows with a yakuza kick and a top rope brainbuster for the win at 13:47. It might sound like an exaggeration, but the commentary made this match. The action wasn’t anything special until down the stretch, not that it was horrible to begin with or anything. This is a rare case when the commentary overshadowed the actual match, but I honestly didn’t mind here. **¼

Match #8: PWG World Title: Chris Hero © vs. Colt Cabana
Cabana keeps trying to outsmart Hero but can’t find an opening. After some heavy crowd interaction, they wrestle to a standoff. Some strange happenings occur when the whole crowd turns on a young fan and another fan breaks his chair. Hero gets rammed into the ringpost and Cabana starts to work on the injured arm from last night. Hero sends Cabana to the outside and follows out with a baseball slide. Back in, he hits a rolling neckbreaker and a senton. Cabana responds with a springboard moonsault and an air raid crash neckbreaker. Hero catches Cabana with a flash kick and a roaring elbow. He rocks Cabana with another roaring elbow to retain his title at 17:56. For that amount of time, there wasn’t anything of much significance happening. The early portion with the crowd interactions didn’t come across fully on DVD, causing the match to drag. The match got a little better from that point, but ultimately finished with a rather abrupt ending. Probably my least favorite Hero title defense thus far. **

Joey Ryan congratulates Hero on the win. He calls Hero a good champion, but says that he was a great champion. Lost attacks Hero in the ring until Paul London and Bryan Danielson make the save. Hero challenges Ryan to get in the ring but all Ryan says is that he’s taking his belt back and that he has some surprises in store.

In the back, Joey Ryan and Bryan Danielson cut a promo about DDT4. No words can do this justice, just watch it.

The 411: One Hundred focused more on the comedy aspect of PWG, as opposed to Ninety-Nine, which featured a higher quality of wrestling. This show starts off strong with a hot opener and a tremendous comedy match. The six-man tag team match is a lot of fun and Black and Richards follow with their usual solid match. Unfortunately, the show kind of whimpers out from there with a very underwhelming title defense. There's enough good stuff on here to earn a slight recommendation but nothing is "must see" except for the comedy value that Danielson/Omega has.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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