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Bret Hart: I’ve Never Seen Genius From Triple H

April 28, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Bret Hart WWE WWF Image Credit: WWE

– Bret Hart recently spoke with Notts TV News (transcript credit wrestlinginc.com), here are the highlights…

On Triple H Rewarding Bodies Over Good Wrestling: “I’m always happy to be proven wrong, but I’ve never seen any real genius come from Triple H yet. I sound like I’m always knocking him, but it seems like he’s quick to push the great wrestling to the side and push the bodies, guys who have [good] physiques, all the time. They wonder why CM Punk quit and they wonder why Daniel Bryan got hurt. It’s because they squeeze so much out of those guys.” Hart said, “I’m just calling it the way it is. Triple H is a former bodybuilder. He’s all about bodies. He thought that Hulk Hogan was the greatest wrestler in the world. They think Ultimate Warrior was the greatest wrestler in the world because that’s what they’re attracted to, but he’s not really a wrestling fan like I grew up. I was a wrestling fan. I had wrestling in my blood. All the way through, I was a wrestling fan. I loved great wrestling. Like this year’s WrestleMania, there was no great wrestling on the card. All the great wrestling was two days before in the NXT [TakeOver: Dallas] show with [Shinsuke] Nakamura and Sami Zayn and [Asuka], whatever her name is, the Japanese girl, that wrestled Bayley. That’s what WrestleMania is all about. This year at WrestleMania, I thought it was absent on the bill. There was no wrestling on the card.”

On WWE Giving The Best Spots at Mania to Part Timers: “This year, there’s something very wrong about all the part-timers like Undertaker [and] Brock Lesnar getting the main event spots and Shane McMahon’s working in a cage. He’s not even a wrestler wrestling The Undertaker and qualifying as a wrestler, I don’t know how the promoter’s kid gets that kind of qualification to main event with The Undertaker. As much as a great job Undertaker did to carry him, but to me, from a storyline standpoint, Vince McMahon’s son got the main event spot, Triple H got the 1,000th time world champion spot. He’s making the top money. Brock Lesnar is making top money. They’re working twice a year, three times a year, five times a year. You look at Cody Rhodes and Kevin Owens and Natalya, people who are slogging it out day in, day out, week in, week out, in every part of the world, traveling every day, and they’re all in the opening matches, the pre-card. There’s something wrong with the logic of that. It bothers me. It offends me a lot. They forget who’s pulling the wagons. All these guys are doing the work all year round and they give the money spots to these guys who are part-timers. It’s just not right.”

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