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Brian Gewirtz Reacts To Rock-Royal Rumble Rumors, Names Some ‘Discussed’ Crazy Ideas In WWE

December 4, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Rock WrestleMania 32 Dwayne Johnson Image Credit: WWE

Brian Gewirtz saw word of the rumors that Rock has been discussed to win the Royal Rumble, and responded by naming some other things that he saw “discussed” there. It was reported last week that Rock has been discussed as an option to win the Rumble to set up a Rock vs. Roman Reigns match at WrestleMania, which is a bout that’s been speculated on and teased for a while.

Gewirtz, who works as a Senior Vice President of Development on Rock’s Seven Bucks production team and was a head writer for WWE, threw some cold water on the idea by tweeting:

“Things “discussed” in my time at wwe:

Vince having midlife crisis, growing beard, wearing Hawaiian shirts and singing Black Eyed Peas songs

Kaval being Undertakers secret long lost son

Cena losing to Bray Wyatt via singing possessed child… wait, that one actually happened”