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Brian Knobbs Thinks AEW Will Be Good For Pro Wrestling

April 20, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Brian Knobbs Nasty Boys

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Brian Knobbs spoke about his belief that All Elite Wrestling is going to be good for the wrestling business and wrestling fans in general. Here are highlights:

On AEW: “AEW will be fantastic not only for the wrestling business but also the wrestling fans. They’ll be an alternative for the wrestlers to go here or go there. It will be very good, for not only the boys, but the fans because they’ll see different styles. I’m very proud of Cody and The Young Bucks and all of those guys. Kenny Omega, what about him? How amazing is he? How huge and famous he is by doing it independently is fantastic and his wrestling is phenomenal.”

On tag team wrestling experiencing a resurgence: “Yeah. It always was. It lost its way throughout the years. They don’t have that anymore and WWE started putting guys together that weren’t true tag teams. I even like the Briscoe Brothers in Ring of Honor. They’re a good tag team and have a different style. I love that tag team wrestling is on the upward bound again.”

On including David Arquette on his wrestling show: “I’m getting a lot of flack from guys like Ken Anderson who’s been in the business. But I know David back to the WCW days and he was always nice to me. Chris Kanyon and Billy Kidman helped train him so it’s not like he didn’t learn the business. I guess he just wants to prove that he’s not a joke and wants to take wrestling seriously.”

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