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Britt Baker and Jade Cargill Trade Shots on Twitter, Baker Says Jade is ‘Playing Wrestler’

October 25, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Jade Cargill AEW Rampage

Britt Baker recently called herself the ‘baddest bitch on the block’ and Jade Cargill, who has been on AEW TV calling herself ‘that bitch’, took exception.

She wrote: “Brittney. You can’t hold a candle to how I look/ My face alone looks better. Let’s not talk about your ass.

Baker replied: “Your tweets are as bad as your promos. I was the baddest bitch on the block before you even decided you wanted to play wrestler. No one mentioned “looks” but that’s literally all you have so I get it. If that was an attempt to body shame my ass, go ahead and kiss it. #Obsessed

Cargill said: “BODY SHAME!?! The Queen of talking about everyone else is playing the victim. Brittney please, I can’t help that God blessed me with great looks! Also, @RealBrittBaker you have yet to answer back to @TayConti_ tweet. Scared much?

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