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Britt Baker Stands By Recent Criticism of Thunder Rosa

March 29, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Britt Baker Thunder Rosa AEW Dynamite

During the first episode of AEW All Access, there’s a moment in which Britt Baker criticizes Thunder Rosa for giving up the AEW Women’s title while still making personal appearances. In an interview with Slam Wrestling, Baker said that she stands by her criticism of the former champion and says she still has questions about it. Rosa gave up the belt due to a back injury. Here are highlights:

On if AEW All Access is different from performing on Dynamite: “Yes, because we’re used to being recorded as characters and personas but these cameras followed us everywhere, both in and out of the ring. They filmed us as real people and everything going on in our lives, our families and everything on top of that. So, it’s definitely something that takes a minute to adjust to and then you just adjust and they’re just there and they film everything.”

On being protective of Adam Cole as he healed from his concussions: “I’m so protective, that’s true. I love and care about him like a pit bull, actually. Austin is one of the nicest people on the planet almost sometimes to a fault. He’s nice to everybody all-the-time. I’m always kind of leaning over his shoulder saying: You’ve got this! But, with this injury, I REALLY stepped in and said: You know what? Screw wrestling right now!…We need to get Austin ready, cleared to just be a person who can go out and walk the streets again and to do everyday things like go to the movies or drive a car. That is far more important than getting in the ring and having the crowd chant: Bay! Bay! Screw that right now, respectfully.”

On her criticism of Thunder Rosa: “I stand by everything I said because I still have the same questions… You are traveling all over the place for other projects but you’re not coming work where you are the champion? I have that question. I want to know why. I am just asking that question because I’m very passionate and protective of AEW. Anyone can call me a bully but I stand by that and that question still hasn’t been answered to this day. People like Adam Cole would have killed to be able to come to work but he cannot travel. It is not like he was going in and doing a signing or convention or a seminar. They’re not coming to work but he wasn’t able to even leave the house.”

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